Marijuana drive-thru: Could New Jersey be next?

A Colorado dispensary opened the first marijuana drive-thru of its kind. Could New Jersey be next if recreational cannabis becomes legal? NJ Advance Media …


  1. Did you know that babies of pot smoking mothers are born without brains? or skulls? It is called anencephaly…
    Isn't that a special side effect of your drug usage… Well, at least you can provide body parts pot heads..

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  4. I wish I lived in Colorado or a legal state. It makes no sense to me why Colorado can have it and other states don’t have it. It’s so unfair! I wish I could buy legally.

  5. Tears of joy, finally we are becoming a free country with liberty and justice for all. If only we can ban insurance companies and just make things affordable we could actually be free.

  6. That takes all the fun out of checking out all the nice strains and pieces in the shops. Depending on how fast people get in and out with this whole process the line to wait may be longer than the McDonald's drive-thru.

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