Marijuana Industry Insight – Episode 7: Veg+Bloom Part 2 Nutrients Interview & Review With Founder

In this episode of Marijuana Industry Insight, Chris LaRose the Founder of Hydroponic Research & Veg+Bloom continues his discussion about his company.


  1. I am a nutrient specialist and have worked for two commercial growers just outside Las Vegas. The current company I am contracting with is a clone propagation company. We just put 37,000 clones in to a 20 acre field and they are flourishing amazingly well given they only had a 10 day acclimation in our green house from our clone facility. We did however supplement veg + bloom with Cal-Mag plus due to satisfying the RO draw. We also added B1 Boost to set them up for acclimation and transplant. But other than that HR Veg + Bloom is a very user friendly system and is a kick ass product. I would recommend giving it a try.

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