1. Half of the shit he says shows he has no remorse for killing her. He blames killing his wife on Marijuana but never does he say feel feels sorry for or sad that he killed her. It's just pure Marijuana blame

  2. Marijuana did not make him do this. This was pure murder plain and simple. If Marijuana was the cause 66% of the West Coast and the entire state of Colorado would be up in flames (and I don't mean from just wild fires)

  3. BS #FakeNEWS marijuana does not effect the body or mind in a rage this way no matter what form you use it and is not what cannabis does it is the action of the individual that should take responsibility for there own actions and quit blaming a plant that has never Harmed no one but of course you have haters who think that cannabis is a harmful plant so they post dumb videos like this to prove there point of ham when it prove nothing. You can try to blame a plant for your actions but it was your own actions not the plant this not a plant that act like alcohol and places people in a rage of domestic violence b but more calming and relaxing and you can function even if you eat a brownie it would not cause a rage like this…beware of fake news story's that try to use cannabis like this one to try to use fear of the public to prove there prohibitionist views they can not clearly prove cannabis alone was the reason for this attack but this person most likely was drinking or using other drugs with the cannabis and now is looking for a way out of his own rage by using lies that the cannabis or brownie he ate made him do it….

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