1. Quality french. Spent 12 years on Youtube, without having made an account. Made one eventually, after seeing your sauna video. Also heard of how you started off. You have your own unique quality of OG intellectual hustler with a salt-bea splash of nerdiness.. Nothing but love

  2. As always great informative video Dan. I especially liked the point you made on tcnnf Trueleave, they definitely stand out amongst other US mso's, much better momentum. Im looking to get in a long term position with this company, but im waiting on big upcoming court case coming up next month on ceo s husband. Negative news can hurt this stock badly. Hesitation to pull the trigger. Also fomo.

  3. Not impressed by earnings. +8% weed sales this quarter lol. And this is the stock with some of the popular brands. Imagine what happens when ACB and CGC drop their shitty earnings. APHA might be profitable but the valuations in this sector are still a joke.

  4. That point about APHA breaking that 5.50s resistance is very descriptive of how the price action will change if it does break. Bears cover and the price shoots up.

    I entered APHA premarket right at the 5 mark. It had support there and I was hoping it would break that resistance. It did stay close to it's high so I am holding until morning.

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