1. Thanks Dan. Ive been gardening longer than you have been trading. I defer to your trading advice, but here's some off topic garlic advice, I'm in zone 5 and plant around November 1st. Sometimes I have to rush llke when i planted just before we got 2 feet of snow in late october eight years ago. But where you are in the "tropics" by planting now you will get too much top growth that will get burned by the winter if it is cold without snow. You want root growth in the fall, not top growth. Mulch the bejesus out of it as that should suppress the top growth, then take it off in the spring. Good luck, nothing beats eating and saving your own garlic year after year. Save the biggest bulbs for planting and you will be in a long term uptrend.

  2. Hello everyone! Who knows about biteeu exchange? Today stumbled to theirs website. I heard that they got a giveaway of spc token. Is there any informotion about this excahnge?

  3. To offer an analogy, breaking through resistance is like cutting a path through the jungle with a machete. Once cleared, you can walk back through the path easily, but it's hard work to break through the first time.

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