1. "If i may add a small note for LABS, I've consistently noticed their lack of correlation to the rest of the MJ sector, they seem to consistently do their own thing (Maybe aside from the extract plays like VGW)

  2. Apha might slip into the abyss. If there's a descending wedge pattern setting up on the monthly. That could be the stock slowly dieing. I definitely think there's still going to be an opportunity to make some money with Apha. But Cgc and Cron are too early to tell. Same with Acb. Good news today though. There's also other news – "In other pot news, the House Judiciary committee is marking up a bill to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. A companion bill has been introduced in the Senate." Prices are low. Hard to see it go any lower after earnings. Ya but Medmen is dieing out. But they have stores. So we'll see what they can do to make a profit? Happy trading!

  3. I have nothing to base this claim on except my emotion, and isn’t THAT what we’re trading after all. The bottom feels like it’s set for a few names. ApHA, kissing the short attack low and bouncing hard AF, CRON with a nicely timed news release. There are others, point being my emotions feel as through the pendulum did shift over the last 24 hours. Time will tell.

  4. man that was fast market buying on that 3% gap down. Im not gonna lie I had to chase into the strenght a bit knowing we weren't going to see any new lows of days after that open and quick move up. Wish I got in more size! But a big day regardless. Thanks Dan

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