1. Who wants smokers?
    Tobacco companies of course, Pharmaceutical industry to sell drugs, Drug dealers obviously, private nursing homes to keep patients , pension funds as smokers don't drain the pot, governments as taxes offset medical costs and reduced pension payments as smokers die early.
    Who doe n't want smokers?
    Non smokers because smokers stink, pollute the atmosphere and sprea disease

  2. What gets me with all the news on E-cig's is, why do they show, all through the ads people blowing clouds of smoke? It's like warning about the dangers of cocaine and shooting up, and the whole time showing people using needles. By the time the commercial is over you have a whole bunch of addicts worked up and rushing out to get a hit. Why don't they show young kids in the hospital fighting for their lives instead, or bodies in the morgue. Maybe it wouldn't look so appetising.

  3. I'm a doctor of common sence.

    Don't start smoking attall drrrrrrrr

    This is my common sence.
    1) lungs are only made for oxygen nothing else.

    2) E cigarettes are only made for people to stop smoking normal cigarette to quit completely. But they don't quit completely because of the nicotine.

    3) the people who did not smoke are getting into e cigarettes because they like the taste, the fastion of them because they think it's cool plus everyone else as a e cigarette.

    So really people are trying to quit but they can't because of the nicotine and poeple think it's cool.

    I'm living in a world of people who don't know that lungs are only made for oxygen. People today are thick with no common sense. The people who are vaping or smoking and they get a dangerous lung disease or cancer they can only blame themselves. I dont feel sorry for them. That's the sore truth. I'm glad I don't smoke or vape. I'm staying fit and healthy.

  4. So… a few people have died from vaping (rip). Most of those cases were related to black market e juices. The response is to ban e cigs. Millions of people have died from smoking cigarettes. The response? Raise the price of cigs. ???

  5. Okay ban the 95% safer option because of the 5%.
    Just continue smoking. It'll kill you but the governments collecting tobacco tax approve of it.
    I'll put it this way, if you smoke, get a vape. It won't kill you like the cigarettes do.
    If you are a non smoker. Just don't start either.
    It's as simple as that.
    And I like how big pharma likes to talk big after shoving opium down people's throats in the most basic of medications.

  6. They often say, we don't know long term effects. How many drugs on the market also have no history of long term effects since they have only been around a couple of yrs. Pharma does not study them for yrs and yrs. They study the new drugs for a couple of yrs. do studies and market them. Vaping has been around for over a decade now. We do know that one out of two smokers of tobacco will die from tobacco associated illness. 500,000 per yr. in the US alone. Vaping is safer than that. The other things they keep pushing is gum, patches etc. They have a 90% failure rate. What kind of advice is it to say use them if they don't work. It is the same as saying, tuff luck.

  7. “Rodents were exposed to what are for them huge concentrations of chemicals that bear no resemblance to human exposure from vaping. Several animals in fact died during these exposures.
    “It also shows that e-cig vapour without nicotine causes fewer cancers than fresh air.A team from MIT, Harvard and Cal determined that 67% of these studies are so wrong that it’s fraud. Fake news. NYU and the NIH. Did you think there would be a different conclusion?

  8. This is the Mayo clinic that is controlled by the elite and made articles about "Kratom: Unsafe and ineffective" Then you find out that in Thailand hundreds of thousands of people left opioid/heroin addiction with Kratom and thousands in the USA. ( in Thailand the drug dealers lost so much money that they pressured politicians to ban Kratom, is well known fact) The ban in the USA didn't work because some very wealthy people as well as some high level politicians kids quit heroin addiction with Kratom and big-pharma with the support of Mayo clinic had to back off their pressure on the DEA.

  9. Safer but not safe. I don’t know anybody who vapes that thinks it’s safe but they do think it’s safer then smoking. If e-cigs were as dangerous as smoking of the 12 million US citizens that vape 160,000 of those people would die each year and 438 of those people would die every day.

  10. Vaping has saved millions of lives, but that costs governments money as sin taxes make governments sin, by making them part of that industry. State government is Big Tobacco.
    We also have a for-profit health care system in this country, and those millions of lives saved are viewed as up to $5 trillion in lost revenue. Killing millions of smokers is in the interest of the medical community. This is why you hate vaping. Patient health is not the concern, rather greed is the focus.
    Vaping is not safe in the way that frying an egg or smelling coffee isn't safe. It isn't safe in the way that eating food or drinking water isn't safe. When you quantify measurements and compare to other every day items, one finds out how safe vaping is, comparatively.

  11. cigarettts cost 10 dollar a pack goverment gets 8 dollars a pack.. billions made.. 100k dead.

    ecig goverment gets 2 bucks instead 11 affected so far.. mmm

    which one makes more money for government.

  12. cigarettts cost 10 dollar a pack goverment gets 8 dollars a pack.. billions made.. 100k dead.
    ecig goverment gets 2 bucks instead 11 affected so far.. mmm
    which one makes more money for government.

  13. Mayo clinic. I'm severely disappointed. If ur M.D.'s won't expose this nonsense which will go down as the stupidest ban in history, who will? Assuming they haven't banned Harrison's or WHO protocol, it is the most basic of medical facts that acute, individualized reactions (such as bronchiolitis obliterans) RULE OUT the involved agent as inherently causative. It is the same principle (though not mechanism) upon which peanuts aren't banned. Does no one in this country still have an M.D.?

  14. So what would the government alow cigarettes to be sold on every street corner threw out the country for every man woman child to buy. Hows the for legal crinnamlization. Makes me laugh how there are so many bad people out there and none of them are taking a stand gutlesss pathetic i believe the government has alow this to keep the population down. That is why they have allowed gay marriage to exulate aids 1000 times more faster. What eles would it be.wake up people befor it's to late

  15. When will people in America simply leave other people alone? It is not the government's job nor anyone else's responsibility to tell the rest of us how to live our lives. I knew when I started vaping 4 or 5 years ago that it might be bad for my health. I am responsible for my life, you are responsible for yours. Government and all of these other so called experts need to keep their noses out of our lives and stop lecturing us.

  16. Ever considered that some people smoke because they like to step out for a break every now and then? Ever crossed your mind that it looks weird af to step outside with your medication, take a pill and then stand there looking into the distance?

  17. The next person in my family who dies a horrible death from being addicted to cigarettes due to the increase in nicotine which is added periodically, hence causing addiction, is getting a lawsuit filed on their behalf by me and my family for millions of dollars the Tobacco Barons will have to pay out.

  18. Lipoid Pneumonia is killing people because of a sneaky ingredient that the Tobacco Giants and the FDA allowed them to use in e-cigarettes: Glycerin. A very effective humectant which can be used in skin products but not inhaled or swallowed. A humectant like Glycerin holds on to WATER, so imagine what happens when you inhale it . Water in the lungs is not good, healthy or advisable .
    But for the Tobacco Giants, who helped kill my mother at age 66 years old and grandfather, do not care about ANYTHING EXCEPT THE BOTTOM LINE!

  19. It's really amazing how much the Government wants teens to smoke real cigarettes, they claim this will solve the problems but now kids are going to find a way to smoke the real thing. It is so depressing….

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