1. I have mostly chronic cluster headaches and severe migraine issues. There is no known cure, they don't understand it really much at all, and the medications they have prescribed me all have had little to no effect. I am missing sleep, work, and all around am just living on constant misery and anxiety about when the next "attack" will happen which comes with partial blindness, pain that I can't even describe in words, vomiting, and more pain. Cannabis is definitely something I am willing to give a shot and I feel I should have the right to try in order to relieve it. It is literally to the point of getting them every week it seems.

    I wonder if I qualify.

  2. What if I have had a paper trail for years receiving steroid shots in my back and pill therpy..in one state say maryland and medically legal here then I move to Arizona's what do I do just bring my medical records with and will they be sufficient

  3. Please stick to "living in Arizona". Technically general Marijuana use is not a medication specifically approved for diseases/indications. That would take fda approval. Marijuana is being used for symptom relief…especially in areas where there is no approved treatment. Which is why anxiety is not covered…I assume. Pain is tricky. Pain as a result of a disease/condition (chronic migraine) or treatment of condition qualifies. Pain alone, technically should not. This applies to other conditions listed in the AZMMA.

  4. HEY BOSS IM SORRY YOUR DEALING WITH THIS. As a chonic pain patient i have not been to the doctor in years ( all they did was shove pills at me) so im assuming I would have issues in AZ as well?

  5. I was diagnosed with arthritis in 2011. I'm allergic to narcotics and ibuprofen is cheap (4×200=800mg) and in Colorado Mary is rec: So I self medicated. I moved to AZ for joint pain. The heat has helped but now I'm afraid I'll be denied a med card because my records are 8 years old (not within 12 months). I have to spend a year here documenting my condition??!! (Also lots of chronic pain is caused by PTSD and cptsd.)

  6. Ridiculous? I'd say so, especially in how they treat "out of state / non-resident" documented users. I cannot buy in AZ with my OK card. It is as if AZ is denying other non-resident Americans the same rights and freedoms as residents. Especially when it has to do with consumables, such an over-reach of power and authority.

  7. You know what is crazy. Medical is legal here but under federal law it is illegal. But yet it is still a schedule 1 drug"meaning no medical value" The USA is pretty foolish about common sense and all about the mighty dollar. No liberty just tyranny. It's a damn plant, not like speed or cocaine. The private prison industry is booming and most politicians enjoy reaping the benefits in their pocket book. In my opinion the medical store owners want it kept illegal for recreational due to lost profits. Why do they think they are above other residents that want to chill and enjoy the plant.

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