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Dr. Bob discusses the reaction to this series and the typical medical marijuana patient in his practice. Myths such as auto accidents related to marijuana, …


  1. When my brother was dying of a brain tumor he used mary jane in place of the epilepsy medication that might otherwise be prescribed, the doctors themselves were the first to admit that it works better and without the side effects of a phenobarbitone like phenytoin, that crap made me paranoid and violent when i was on it so i had to be zombified with tranquilizers, after a few years on that i said bugger it, i'd rather have the fits.

  2. I’m a veteran, 80% disabled, with PTSD and chronic lower back pain. I live in Florida where we now have medical marijuana, but as long as it’s a federally listed “Schedule 1” drug, I can’t use it with my pain medication. I’m glad you’re compiling a database. If that becomes a common practice, maybe the resulting information can help get it taken off the scheduled drug list.

  3. Dr Bob I find this issue fascinating. I live in Australia and only a few states have legalized the use for medical conditions. I know of many people that have used marijuana for so many ailments, from seizure relief in young children to pain relief for multiple illnesses and injuries, to cancer patients helping with appetite and pain.
    I suffer multiple medical issues and cannabis helps me in multiple ways, however I am a criminal. 😔
    So I'm wondering how long did the regulation and setting up of the registry take in your state? and do you see other countries coming aroud to the reality that this medication helps in so many cases?
    Thanks for the great info it almost makes me want to move to the U.S., I did only say almost😁, I love Australia 🇭🇲 but our government is so behind the times.
    Looking forward to the next episode.

  4. I have had epilepsy for 35 years. Medical MJ has helped me greatly to cut back on the Rx meds. I am currently on 1/5 of the mgs I used to take. The Rx meds all have horrible side long term effects such as osteoporosis in addition to the somnolence and weight gain.
    That hater comment about medical MJ patients being druggie teenagers really bugs me. I am not some spaced out kid with the munchies. I am retired university professor. Like you said, I am the person next to you in the supermarket checkout line or at church or walking my dog in the park.

  5. I'm a (Canadian) medical cannabis user, have been for years due to MS and a severe spinal injury. I have major issues with pain and spasticity (among other issues) to the point where my mobility/balance is affected and I almost exclusively use a wheelchair. Cannabis has reduced the spasms as well as the amount of pain by 50-60%, it's no cure, but it is an improvement.
    The language associated with cannabis use can be important and for that reason I specifically refer to medical Cannabis as just that, Cannabis. For me, weed, pot, and even Marijuana is referring to recreational use and can muddy the waters when speaking of medical use.

    Glad to see you taking on this subject Bob, even though the videos will probably be demonetized.

  6. The obviously pronounced effects CDB oil has at reducing debilitating episodes for kids suffering with severe seizures, is more than reason enough for research & usage to be drastically scaled up. IIRC that's presently the case. Consumption of compounds containing actual THC has also had a pronounced positive effect on pretty much all patients, there is absolutely no denying that either. All the more reason to expand research yet again.
    Suggesting that consumption of THC has somehow increased the number of vehicular accidents that end up with more patients in the emergency room, is frankly a retarded point of view to take. It would be akin to saying nicotine & caffeine have increased the number of car accidents. No doubt stoners & drunkards behind the wheel exist, but the lady's assertion is definitely erroneous.
    Now, the Dutch are definitely a different breed of people in many respects. Marijuana use there, whether increased or not, has never turned into the doomsday scenarios that utterly paranoid anti-drug quack peddlers still (!!) to this day bleat about. Granted that the Dutch population drive comparatively less, or rather do so less prevalently. The stats will undoubtedly indicate far less accidents requiring hospitalization occurring "due to marijuana use".
    On a personal note, my high-school buddies & myself included, all noted that with a descent amount of marijuana application, all our grades practically skyrocketed to the point that we were at the top and/or near the top of our class. The common sentiment was that using the drug had a massive impact on our ability to focus on subject matter and remain on focus. An anomaly perhaps, we'd likely all be classified with ADHD these days, there's no denying the results. Couple that with a legal driving age at 18, and legal drinking age at 18 (not seriously enforced), along with a much more sociable society by default, the worst possible incidents involving drugs / alcohol and vehicles is usually headline news: "Partying friends parked their car by the beach for a nap in the early morning hours after drinks & mid-night snack of burgers & fries. Traffic police woke the youngsters up and escorted them home."

  7. I live in a state with out legalized marijuana. My dad was diagnosed with cancer and the chemotherapy messed up his taste buds so much that I heard a person, who would ask for the hottest flavor of hot sauce, say "this ketchup burns." Most things he loved, he couldn't stand. Illegal marijuana was the one thing that gave him a want to eat, and his doctor unofficial encouraged it. This allowed him to keep his strength up and survive his first bout with cancer. I wish it was legal here, if not for recreational use, then at least medical use.

  8. Thank you for featuring my post! 🙂

    Edibles work well here. I'm asthmatic with reactive airway disease. It can't be smoked in the house without sending me into a coughing fit.

    When I set up the edibles for hubby I have to measure out the "dosage" per bag of frozen scary mac, and that works out well.

    I started using CBD on my eczema. The cream the dermatologist wants me to use is also not paid for by insurance–and I can't afford the $130.00 a tube for that. So I'm mixing CBD with raw shae. It seems to be helping control the pain and severe itching. So I'm hoping it continues to work.

  9. Hey doctor, Great video.  I totally agree that marijuana can greatly help many patients. And this comes from a guy who doesn't consume marijuana (or any non-prescribed drug)  in any form.

  10. The more I learn about you, the more I respect you. Started watching your flat earth debunk vids, then found out you're a pilot, and as of this video find out you're a Certification Doc. My room mate has MS and the conventional docs gave her pretty much everything under the sun for her MS pain. Nothing worked. She didn't smoke marijuana before and I haven't done drugs in almost 2 decades but, being in theatre, I … knew some people. hehe… Anyway, I convinced her to try just a small bit and see if it helped. That night, she was up and the most active I had seen her since her diagnosis. She has since gotten her certification and I am her care giver.
    I just wanted to share that anecdote because I saw first hand the difference this can make in peoples' lives and want to thank you for this series. Now that I know it exists, I'll need to backtrack and see the start of it. Any chance you can set it up on a playlist?

  11. another great video Bob…Oregon passed medical marijuana in 1998 and if you're not a flat earther..aka being able to do math..that was 17 years ago…none..absolutely none of the scare tactics ever came true…nothing worse happened when we legalized it…

  12. Bob, quite a rational discussion. Thanks.

    I feel the need to point out that there ARE people out there who claim either THC and/or CBD are the miracle cure-all for basically everything. No one with credibility, but still.

    (Edit), it occurred to me to add that THC appears to be a very efficacious alternative to other chronic pain treatments (particularly opioids). When used as directed THC does not appear to lead to addiction, which can not be said about opioids. Also, to the best of my knowledge, there has been only one very questionable mortality attributed to THC overdose.

    You sound like a very caring physician, Dr. Bob.

  13. I'm a chronic pain patient and am prescribed opioids by a pain management specialist. I live in a medical marijuana state, and my pain management doctor is certified to prescribe cannabis. My pain is well-controlled with opioids, and side effects are minimal, but I still would like to try cannabis to see if it would allow me to reduce the dosage of opioids. But I cannot do so.

    Why? Because I also own firearms. You see, cannabis is a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law. Any use of cannabis is thus illegal use, regardless of the medical or recreational marijuana laws in your state. And one of the "disqualifiers" for owning or possessing firearms is illegal use of a controlled substance.

    One of the questions on the BATFE Form 4473 for purchasing a firearm is:

    "Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance? Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside."

    So until cannabis is rescheduled into the appropriate classification under the Controlled Substances Act (it doesn't even meet the criteria for a Schedule I controlled substance, but that's an entirely different discussion), anyone who suffers from a condition which might be able to be treated with cannabis, and who owns or plans to own a firearm, must choose one or the other. Federal law prohibits you from having both, and this is absolutely ridiculous.

  14. Sounds like Miss K thinks her Oxycodone (A real addictive and dangerous substance) is better! I wonder why she's such an ass? Probably on edge since they have been trying to ween her off of it!

  15. Thanks Dr Bob. As a chronic pain sufferer in Texas who would like to cut back or stop my pain meds this isn't an option to try. Even a good night's sleep helps my pain overall but just getting that has become a 'hellish nightmare'. Thanks you stupid old fashioned uninformed backwater crooks running the State. Great job being a huge PITA adding insult to injury.

  16. Nothing beats the FULL spectrum CBD. The common CBD excludes THC. At best, it has Omega3 derived from hemp instead of fish oil. THC completes the CBD.

    I know that skunkass smell can be annoying!😎

  17. Meanwhile, there are many seniors on half a dozen or more medications out driving even if it says don't operate machinery while taking this medication. But that's ok. Impaired on anything is still impaired. Legal or not. As far as marijuana, you can drink alcohol and the next day or so it's out of your system. Marijuana you can smoke two weeks ago, you are not impaired but it still shows up in a blood test. Alcohol does way more damage to your liver and other organs and takes a toll on you and the people around you. Me, taking one or two hits of Marijuana has no effect on anyone around me and has basically no side effects. I dated a woman who was a Renal Dieticians. She took care of kidney and cancer patients and their diet. She had to get them to eat which was hard. I suggested recommending Marijuana which she was totally against. It would help them eat. Meanwhile all of her patients die.

  18. Wonderful job Bob! A clear, concise, rational explanation of medical marijuana , supported by facts and statistics. I really appreciate your logical and compassionate refutation of Miss K's comment, I suspect she's just a troll but you took apart her points precisely and rationally

  19. Our large elderly dog had really been suffering with leg pain, which resulted in quite a lot of muscle wastage which in turn became a feedback loop as he could not get the exercise to take off weight.
    As a running/hunting dog, you could see he was depressed… (he still flies with me… and somehow has the energy to leap into the 'plane… no idea why he enjoys the noise but he really enjoys the view… even though I had been having to help him into the car).
    A month ago, we started giving him high strength CBD Oil (three drops under the tongue every day).
    The results are more than impressive… after only a few weeks, he is running around… not quite like a puppy, but everyone has commented on it, and you can see the pleasure on his face and his muscles are starting to build up again!
    And this particular dog has definitely not heard of the placebo effect (as far as I know!).

  20. Good Morning Brother, much love and respect from Indiana sir. I really love how you're giving medical marijuana in a good light. I live in a state where it's still totally illegal and I hope that one day soon it'll be legalized at least in my state and hopefully everywhere one day sooner rather than later. I used to smoke as a teenager just to get high until I realized that if I was hurting or even sick I could smoke and it would allow me to move around and when sick it would allow me to get up out of bed and move around and get out for some fresh air. I did work stoned all the time. Drove stoned, you name it and I did it stoned 24/7 lol. I would smoke before work, smoke on lunch break and breaks, AND leaving work and never would I do it to the point I couldn't function. I mean, I DID have to drive and work etc. In my 30s now, and I only use it as something to help with my nausea I have in the mornings, back and leg pains, and if my insomnia isnt letting me sleep. Also I have always had eating issues where I would eat MAYBE once a day, not even a big meal at that. I smoke and I'm able to live a normal life, raise my two children, and run my own business both from home and from an actual physical location. One being an auto shop doing maintenance and specializing in aftermarket products installation and fabrication and from home I run a small business selling custom 1/24 scale model car kits and parts as well as build them on commission for people who either give them as a gift or they usually ask for a replica of a particular car. Either from their youth or more recently and with a little cash 😉 and some pictures/direction from customer I build them a 1/24 scale plastic & resin model car, truck, boat, plane, tank, Gundam etc lol. You name it, and I can either buy or make the kit, part,whatever and either ship it built or new in a box lol.

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