Mighty Vaporizer Review [2018 Edition]

Today we are taking a look at one of the best vapes on the market – the Mighty by Storz & Bickel. The 2018 edition comes with 20% more battery life. Disclaimer: …


  1. ils ne méritent pas leur nom dans le monde du vaporisateur, l'appareil sent le plastique a la premiere utilisation, des pièce "fondent" avec le temps laissant les batteries apparentes, ce qui n'est pas rassurant,
    avec de la matière de qualité la dose de vapeur est là et le gout est bon, RIEN de comparable au petit Dynavap qui rend mieux les saveurs et les effets.
    j'ai pu tester le firefly et le boundless tera et je peux affirmer être déçu par la "qualité" du mighty par rapport à son prix exorbitant, pareil pour le volcano qui au passage est le pire vaporisateur de Bureau que j'ai eu à tester dans ma vie.

  2. i hate less smoke devices if i am smoking weed i need lots of smoke or else i never get satisfied of smoking weed i have grasshoppers vape pen titanium version worth $265.00 it has nice flows and produce good amount of smoke

  3. Fantastic, actually the best "portable vape" I've ever used. Temp control is necessary for terpene chasers and I am that for sure. The flavor is perfect as well. Using alcohol wipes every 5 sessions or so is WAY easier than cleaning after even a few days. No need to submerge the cooling unit in ISO either with the wipes. Well reviewed. Prost!

  4. Bollocks. 177c isn't low at all. I'm at 158 and that's because my weed is sticky. It lasts longer. You idiots that take it over 170c are close to or are definitely combusting.

  5. I've had one for 3 months must say bye bye spliffs, awesome bit of kit. So easy to use and clean just need to get some isopropyl of amazon cleaned it a hour. Get a wear n tear kit. You get screens, o rings and cooling unit. So you can still use it while your cleaning the other cooling unit. 1010.

  6. Hey guys I bought the V5 Nano vaporizer couple weeks ago and had to return it because the air flow was SO restrictive and the herb would clog the mouth piece the moment you inhaled. What's the air flow like on this and does it produce decent vapour clouds when you exhale? Also does it have the same issue with getting clogged up when you inhale? Really appreciate any responses!!

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