1. Sorry, you may have answered this unrelated question in another video and I haven't researched this out. What are the implications going to be with the fact that Kansas City, Mo is such a bi-city with Overland Park, Ks, for example. If a script holder was stopped in a traffic violation and is possessing an allowable amount by Missouri law, would they be arrested under Kansas laws? Would there be any "open container" type restrictions in a vehicle as long as the driver was not under the influence? Not sure what the current traffic field testing for cannabis is but could there be some new Orwellian "on the spot" blood test. I think, all interesting questions.

  2. Curious of your opinion. I am 62 y/o in Mo and have what I would say chronic arthritis knee pain and body pain. Had been a tile man for 30 years. I have had past prescribed arthritis pain meds and have had an xray by a orthopedic surgeon explaining I am pretty much bone on bone in my knees. With no Ins. I can't afford knee replacement surgery. I can get around but very slow and with constant pain. Can barely walk in the morning without taking 8 to 12 advil a day which I don't believe is health for my liver/kidneys. Do you think I would qualify? Thanks

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