Most Ridiculous Names for Weed | Ask A Budtender

Now that cannabis is recreational in California, consumers are visiting dispensaries for their very first time, entering a world of weed products they’ve never …


  1. Reg = Rag = Ragweed as in bonk or dirt weed. In the 70's the common vernacular was pot, 2nd was dope and a cigarette was always a joint or doobie (where do think the Doobie Brothers got their name from). Go back a decade (60's)and the common name was grass. None of the names were ridiculous they simply relate to the given time frame and culture. Things change and there will soon come a day where the silliness of youth will laugh at your generation seeing it as pretentious or dumb…

    "Same as it ever was" ~ Talking Heads

  2. All legalized weed is to once again take away from the colored man and profit for the white man. The Jamaicans had the best weed in the world and now you can't find it and it's replaced with this cheap shit that they want to pass off as something better. But it's garbage.

  3. Use of any slang term for cannabis does a disservice to the community. They are all steeped in propaganda tropes and every time you say "weed", you are helping to associate our activities with incorrect impressions from marinading in a lifetime of anti-drug propaganda.
    The term "weed" is also botanically incorrect. By definition, anything you grow deliberately cannot be classified as a weed.

  4. Id like to buy a aeigth of sum loud off miss Adrienne, then take her to the back of the shop to bend her over a table and just straight fuck the DOG SHIT out of her…..Im talking about fuck her so hard I blow her back out lol….

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