My Disease Story|Journey With CBD Oil

I haven’t been too transparent with you guys. As a part of my life you guys need to know what’s been going on with me. The brand that I reviewed the CBD Oil …


  1. Thank you for sharing this and I think that you are awesome! It will get better soon! Quick question, Will I need a marijuana card or doctor’s prescription to use CBD products?

  2. hi you may think im talking shit but crohns can be reversed by detoxing look into dr morse he has a youtube channel thousands of reviews and feedback. lymph stagnation in the bowels soon as you go on a fruit diet and take herbs for the stomach bowels kidneys and adrenals you will notice your symptoms getting better. most people dont believe this as the mainstream suppresses information like this for money reasons be open minded and watch his videos do your homework health is simple when you study detoxification.

  3. So sorry you had/have to go through this. I couldn’t imagine.. I’m glad you found something to help you. Hopefully somebody that is going through this could see this & this could possibly help them too. I’ve heard good things about CBD oil. ♥️♥️ stay strong girlie.

  4. You’re amazing for sharing this I am so glad that you understand better what’s going on with your body 💗 take your time and heal because a better You is better content we can wait 😚 you’re doing amazing! My cousin goes through the same thing & he just became a father, I’m going to make sure to remind him to be sure he pats close attention to his son (just in case). Love you Sarah🥰

  5. I have an uncle who has this disease but I’ve never been around him enough to notice any major changes he may go through. I never assume anyone is pregnant for reasons like this. Happy that you found something that works! I would also do some extensive research in dieting! Seriously, your diet can make some noticeable improvements in your overall health no matter your condition, even if small! Sending love 💕

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