1. Hello Christine, you are such an inspiration! I can't believe how courageous you are. Thank you so much for sharing all this, I feel so lonely! I understand you, would you be able to contact me via email? That would have been so helpful, I feel extremely lonely. Maybe you could give me some advice based on what I am experiencing ..I would truly appreciate. God bless! In hope to hear from you..

  2. What do you do when your PNES leads to depression, which criples you with suicidal thoughts constantly. Drugs and psychiatry don't seem to work and every day it seems like the clouds are getting darker and darker over your head… Praying isn't helping anymore and they say to cast all your cares on him, but which ones because you simply don't know what you care about…

  3. Blessings sweet sister. This blessed me so much. My son suffers from PNES, PTSD and Dissassociative Identity Disorder (DID) among other things and I have recently found out why. He can't bring himself to deal directly with it as it causes his nightmares to increase at the thought of it, which then make him sick. I just keep praying and hoping he will chose to face them one day and get healed and that he will embrace our loving heavenly father and be free from all this.

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