NACADA opposes recreational use of Marijuana despite push by some MPs

NACADA, says it will not approve recreational use of marijuana despite some politicians campaigning for its legalisation. Subscribe to NTV Kenya channel for …


  1. I hate it when people just assume that because someone is mentally ill, you must have smoked cannabis. That is just bullcrap, this plant has been used by ancient civilizations for its medicinal properties. Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes is far more dangerous than Cannabis use. LEGALIZE IT, DON'T CRITICIZE IT.

  2. kumbaff uneducated scumbag ladies and gentlemen this z how a puppet looks like giving us lip service for the old ladies who put u in that NACADA seat bydaway who dafuq approved of this fucker to represent young people in kenya out of all da educated pearls and jewels who r young and can think for themselves dont have jobs for the simple fact they can think for themselves even if t means fighting society but this comedian z the one who gets de seat coz afew brown paper in his wallet na subaru imetosha kufunga huyu fala macho ni bangi yamamako ndo imechizisha watu u had an opportunity to fight oppression but instead u sang da song jus like u r predecessors bydaway i question this guy to be revewed by a parliamentary commitee to find him fit or unfit for the job and we kno da later z true u could have sparked a global spark for change and reform

  3. What you resist persists. All archaic laws that are used in the maintenance of propaganda concerning Marijuana was drafted up by old racist white men to continue their agenda of white supremacy. All across the world this ideology is failing now, as much as there's people still in the darkness of ignorance but a good significant amount of people are beginning to walk in the light and warmth of being woke. It may not happen today, this month, or even 10yrs from now but just know Marijuana will be legalized people.

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