New Vaporizer for 2019 HoneyStick Phantom Signature for Oil & Wax | Best for 510 Thread Cartridges

HoneyStick Signature Phantom Oil & Wax Vape Concealer | 2019 New Vaporizer | Best 510 Thread Vape Pen HoneyStick unveils the ultimate luxury 510 thread …


  1. Help! This was the best thing ever until it suddenly completely stopped working altogether. And yes I tried everything you can think of. Is there a warranty on this?

  2. The Phantom Vapes these guys sell are so cheap it's next to stealing asking for $144 USD for it. Naive me bought one and when it stopped working, I decided to open it up and see why. It is the cheapest battery and two small wires that are held on by the tiniest amount off solder that no wonder when I dropped it the connection came apart. Don't bee fooled by the flashy outside. A $10 pen would last just as long.

  3. By far the king of 510 vapes in my opinion!! Thanks for the suggestion, definitely worth the money. The vape is high quality and has a little weight to it. The carbon fiber leather finish feels great when you hold it, definitely has an excellent grip to it. The accessories it comes with are pretty cool and of high quality. I went from the Mini Max Pro to this and let me tell you. . . This thing pulls an abundance of vapor. My first pull almost killed me lol at 4.0v this thing is amazing. Again, truly satisfied with the HoneyStick brand! The battery life is also amazing with a 1000 mAh battery. Only thing i would recommend are longer usb charging cables. But again, nevertheless an awesome product. Dan let me know what other Vapes to check out that HoneyStick has to offer as i will continue making recommendations to my vape friends!!!

  4. Aww man this one looks amazing! Love my phantom but this one seems to have a better grip in looks and feel to it. Love your products, simply the best at what they do

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