1. Yay new videos…

    Ley me tell ya something Jay…. LED liggt tech just caught up amd got cheap last week..

    No shit… Right now you can get dog Samsung quantum boards a heat sink amd meanwell 620 watt dimmer driver and wiring harbnesses for under 650 dollars. Thats like a buck a watt…. Thats so worth it cause that thing will flower a 5×5 proper amd cost 40 dollars a month to run on a 12 12 vs the 65 a month for the de 1000 hps… Do it man… The time came…. Also… Get 80 pin heat sinks…. 80 watt meanwell drivers and cree cbx3950 cobs in 5000k…

    I just paid 250 for 3 75 watt rapid led units… They work so danm well… All ot takes is 225 of cbd 3950 in 5000k to support a 4×8 flower room no problem.

    But from a huge HID fan amd long time double ended 1k hps user to another hps guy. Go spend 1000 dollars on quantum boards and cree cbx 3950 cobs and you'll love your electrical bill again….

  2. Nice to see ur trying out the scrog. On eBay they sell corner pvc pieces that extend in all 4 directions so u can have 2 layers. I wasn't able to find them at local hardware stores. Looks great!

  3. You still rocking a 6-6.5 dirty yellow PH NW Jay? Didn’t know if you still used Happy Frog or if you’re using a super soil these days? Thanks Brother hope all is well! ???

  4. YES!! I can exhale, great job Jay. I'm always looking to see if you post, you might think there boring and you can only show so much but I'll tell ya it's nice to see. Peace from the east coast.

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