1. Fuck Queen & Slim. Im not spending my money to make these anti-Black nigga movies rich just to have an opinion. Moe was right. Shit is propaganda just like that bullshit ass Harriet movie with the fictional characters in it. FOH with that "YAAAAAAS GIRL" culture. The main characters weren't even Black American. They were foreign imports. These African and carribean niggaz are allowing themselves to be operative against Black Americans. Dude even said he went to "the hood" to "study" niggaz. What kinda shit is that???

  2. I have to admit, Mo Facts REALLY gave a good perspective on this. It was a perspective I hadn’t really thought of. This was a good debate, and not as bad as many on here made it seem like….With that said, I thought it was a very good film. 4 out of 5 stars.

  3. God he killed the ronnie girl so easily with 2l1 sentence she had nothing to say i keaaan lmao thats why women stay home and cook and take csre of the children sick of this women power shit tell this ho stfu

  4. Cardi is playing her cards right.The relationship with Offset is both for love and great for business and increase their fame together.At the end Cardi gains from all the sympathy, love and support she gets from the public.Another point there ain't that many rich , famous and successful men that are going to be completely faithful,so sometimes u just have to stick with what u got if he makes u happy in many other ways.Don't want to keep marrying and divorcing like Halle,J-Lo etc.Ask Beyonce,Tiny etc why they stay.Y'all talking shit, better go check on your partners.

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