1. Only remove the dome when you want to fill or clean it… no need to remove it to empty the dome. Also your shot was overkill with the amount of stuff you put in by at lease 2 secondes. Still a good video, keep it up 😉 btw this product is awesome.

  2. I have the same one, but have trouble getting a nice hit. I put enough wax in it, but doesn't seem to be right. And is all the splashing inside the dome normal? You know drips. Any suggestions, maybe the way I draw on it?, Do I hold up, sideways? Any help appreciated

  3. Ooze pens👍work great!!luv em,one patient to another brother, smoking on critical Jack oil with u from west Spfld., Ma. Come visit many,many dispensarys to hit!!!!💨💨💨💨💨👌✌

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