Out of Omaha

OUT OF OMAHA is an award-winning, intimate portrait of twin brothers Darcell and Darrell Trotter, young black men coming of age in the divided city of Omaha, …


  1. I applaud the people for this film. It truly shows what POC or people who are in poverty in general. It shines a light on their struggle, and leaves the question on what other things they may have gone through. I'm Native and I live on a reservation in south dakota. Some of my homies grew up in situations like this or were exposed to things at a young age, like these men, that shaped who they are today. Thank you for this film. Truly.

  2. Very powerful and important documentary on the black box in Omaha. My realty in Omaha growing up white was so very different, even though i grew up in North Omaha, my North Omaha stretched from Minnie Luca to Ponca.Thank you for doing this documentary.

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