Pain or Prescription: The Fight for Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis has been legal since November 2018. But many people across the UK are struggling to get a prescription for it. It’s driving some to risk their …


  1. Everyone has an ECS system so it will work for everyone now to get that to work you may need to change the ratio and the weed strain but it will work as it acts upon a system that does the work just needs stimulating to do so… Stand up and be counted

  2. Really??? Is this the first comment? We are (those of us in the UK who may be doing whatever we can to save either ourselves or our loved ones). I risk professional suicide if I own what I do in order to help a partner with bladder, prostate and lung cancer. Shame on the UK Government; shame on the NHS; shame on the pharmaceutical companies who promote drugs which kill rather than cure. I'll leave it there! I could go on……. and on….and on….. been using medical cannabis for years to treat arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, depression…. and it works …. better than anti depressants, better than sleeping pills, better than pain killers…… HELLO???

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