Pat McAfee's Thoughts on Marijuana in the NFL

Should NFL players be allowed to use marijuana for medical purposes? Comment below with your thoughts MERCH: Follow …


  1. Henry J Anslinger and William Hearst created the “Reefer Madness” phenomena in the 1930’s which fueled a war on marijuana essentially. These laws regarding marijuana have roots in racism and it’s all because Henry J Anslinger was about to lose his job when alcohol 🍺 was legalized after the Prohibition. Weird how history works 🤔

  2. I get it. Marijuana is better than painkillers. In the times we are in and the proven benefits of marijuana why test for it in the NFL? No reason. I may just be a factory worker but i know first hand that i took painkillers for ten years and it took three years of treatment to get me off. I feel weed is fine. I even smoke once in a while. I feel my sobriety is important so so i dont smoke as much as i want to but thats my my own dealings with my own sobriety. I certainly feel it is much better for an individual to smoke weed of using any type of opioid

  3. I'm 27 grew up lower mid class .. too many minorities fuck it up for weed blacks with the graduation rate and Mexicans with the cola lifestyle which is really stupid and fun to make fun of …but yeah not enough property owners represent weed

  4. It’s sad to me that things like alcohol and cigarettes are legal yet marijuana is illegal. So things that kill millions of people yearly is legal yet things that help millions of people yearly is illegal. Seems a bit backwards to me…

  5. I used to smoke weed. Im not against it i just think its good for certain people, and bad for people that get addicted to it and cant function. I had 0 motivation when on weed which is more of my fault, but the weed made it 10x worse as well. Weed is bad for lazy people.

  6. Once the government learns of the billions to trillions in Tax paying revenue that they will receive from legalization, they will wish they did it sooner! Big Pharm & Tobacco companies are holding it up, because of the billions they give the government every year. Big pharm owners are slowing switching to Cannabis, which means it's only a matter of time before it's legal fully.

  7. Lots of the NFLs newer rules (long PATs and challenging pass interference) have all been around for years in the Canadian Football League. The CFL also DOES NOT test for marijuana, so it’s a safe assumption the NFL will follow suit eventually.

  8. If nobody had ever heard of marijuana and someone discovered it in the rainforest and presented it the world, it would be hailed as a miracle drug. PS the hippies weren't bringing society down, they were protesting a war that was decimating their generation (listen to CCR's song Fortunate Son). Love your show Pat. Colt fan for life.

  9. I dont think it's the old heads just having a bad reaction to it. I think some people are still viewing it as something illegal. Once it becomes legal if it does. Those same old heads I dont think they will care. I personally couldnt careless. But as long as it's considered illegal then the people using it should have consequence for their action. If it's legal then do you have responsible fun.

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