1. Responding to the police superintendent:
    1. Is there evidence of increased crime in communities in the United States that have legalized Marijuana?
    2. He is speaking of Marijuana like it is in the same ballpark as Alcohol, which is comical.

    -Really just another boomer who is stuck in his old-school vision on marijuana, and cannot be changed.

  2. He’ll yeah I’ll just move back to San Diego California if it doesn’t happen. Sorry I was born & raised here & I hate pa is 100% closed mind & ass backwards. Ps I moved to California when I was 17 & I should of stayed there.

  3. That old cop acting like people dont drive high already. Like come on now he gonna stand and say "any drugs legalized is bad" you mean for you it's bad because most your tickets are from drug offenders. Those quotas keep the cops red pilled

  4. Ok you obviously have not been paying attn too what Lt Gov has been doing and to look farther into the benefits too those who are sick. There are ways too test and tell who’s driving stoned which you should know. An on that point people have probably been doing it for many years already which is unfortunate. However as I shared the benefits too all far outweigh the negative. Please look too the ways in which it will better our state and build off that rather than tear it down and be left in the minority because it is coming soon that I know for sure.

  5. Then make alcohol illegal then. Alcohol alone is the cause of more fatal accidental deaths then weed would ever be.

    Example….. different from what I posted but still usable!!!

    Scenario 1) you put 10 people in a room and give them alcohol, give it not even about an hour and 2-3 out of those 10 people will cause a fight…. because most can’t handle their alcohol….

    Scenario 2) you put 10 people in a room and give them a few blunts or joints and give it not even an hour and they are in deep conversations with one another no one is fighting or arguing…. more then likely they will be talking about the universe and shit!
    An old fashion mind about keeping weed illegal is stupid…..
    it’s medically proven to help those who qualify for it, but most people who have other conditions don’t fall under the strict guidelines or regulations to even get a medical marijuana card.

    That being said all people should be able to make their own choice in this matter… legalize it…. legalize it legalize it. For fuck sakes the economy is booming because of it…. hellerrrrr wake up more people are dying and getting addicted to pills and other strong shit that comes from the pharmaceutical companies which in turn is poisoning our bodies…..
    which is so hypocritical by the way……

    It’s legal as long as the government can make money off of it….
    it’s legal as long as they make it….
    come the hell on already…..
    weed seriously poses no risk let alone a health risk if it’s approved for medical reasons already and testing has shown that…..
    the hypocrisy of the government and government officials seriously kills me…..
    they put the first step in motion to medically approve it….
    the next thing now is to grow a pair of balls and legalize the shit….

    History lesson!!!

    Weed was legal….
    Until a government official didn’t like the (hippie type) and called them a degradation….. and unpleasant to be around….
    if this world is striving for peace and shit start with weed dude!!!! Hold a big ass weed fest right In Baltimore md talk about a rally with some good ass music People will definitely come together!!!!

  6. 1:41 Lmao. In Massachusetts weed is legal and they’re doing completely fine. Most of the states that legalized weed we’re having tons of problems before. Heroin and opioids are what’s causing crime in those areas. Weed legalization will also get tons of people off of alcohol which is so much worse. This guy is a dumbass.

  7. Bullshit. No technology? You can tell when someone is high. Period! And to bust the law enforcements bubble here. Abusing cannabis? Stfu old man. You can’t abuse cannabis. You can NOT overdose on cannabis! And 99.9% of the time when someone gets high? They don’t want to do shit except for relax, watch tv and enjoy some munchies. These law enforcement officers just don’t want to lose their easy target revenue. They don’t wanna have to put in some actual time and effort and arrest actual criminals. Al cannabis is medicine and that’s a fact. Legalize it now and bring in much needed revenue and harvest for the state!

  8. First of all Pennsylvania has the most strict alcohol laws in the country. Second the legalization will make the state more income because marijuana taxes are insane. And lastly I think it will better help the state in many ways, health of the people, its well being, etc.

  9. I got a fucking DUI in PA because weed was in my system. Wasnt smoking and driving, i didnt smoke and then go drive, i wasnt drinking. But because there was weed in my system i have to go to jail. Its fucked up

  10. This criminal state can't even make it to where medical marijuana patients can afford their medicine but their gonna push for full legalization? Pennsylvania is such a pathetic fucked up fucking state!!!

  11. Yeah, dumbass, you can't detect it NOW if people are driving high. Keeping it illegal doesn't change that. Making it legal might, because now research will be easier to conduct.

  12. I have looked at the crime rates of legal states and violent crimes and opioid use is down a ton the law enforcement guy is full of shit, he just thinks it’s a bad idea because now they can’t make make money of marijuana charges now.

  13. You don't really abuse marijuana and unlike alcohol, it won't kill you (inside/outside) it's non additive, calms people down and it makes people more alert and drive slower than alcohol! As in it's LESS harmful than alcohol,, so why not give it a chance?

  14. The most dangerous risk associated with Cannabis is getting arrested!

    Unjust laws are criminal. The Cannabis/Hemp plant should no longer be criminal.

    Let's stop fining people, giving them criminal records, locking them up, and seizing their personal property over a plant!

    Hey, we need your support… can you help us out?
    Please sign this petition to completely legalize Cannabis and prevent bans on CBD (industrial hemp flower) in ALL 50 States!!
    Petition ——> http://chng.it/v6gHjtGG
    Thank you!

    History —> https://youtu.be/idgMIglP8j4

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