Phil's Files (2003): “How To Talk To Your Teens” – Tyler Pt. 2

In season 1 of Dr. Phil: Bonnie wants her 15-year-old son, Tyler to stop smoking marijuana. Tyler’s friends discuss how easy it is to get. Dr. Phil advises Bonnie to …


  1. I was going to go on the Dr. Phil Show for help. Me and my mother were asking for help but we were told if I was to be sincere it wouldn't draw and they wanted Dr Phil to look good. So basically he wanted me to pretend to be a bratty young adult instead of talking about my real problem which was dealing with autism. His show is all about "saving but it's like that girl Danielle said he doesn't do it for anything except the money and fame. Ill be Posting the link to the email from the Dr Phil executives on all these videos to show he's a scam and doesn't care about helping anybody

  2. The only deal with Cannabis, as said by my double doctorate physio prof is that it reinforces the neural networks that are already made but make it very difficult to form new neural connections. I see some of my friends that started smoking later in life (18+) being more successful than their younger starting counterparts, as their risk reward reasoning/system had been better developed.

  3. How about they start offering a rehab that isn't crippling financially so families would be quicker to snag up that option?.. The only option we have in my town is a heavily Christian based rehab which I was fine with ( but my son was against, because they spent 8 hrs a day in chapel) so he left. Thank God he's clean now because we moved him away with family friends. The options for families are not there!

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