Power Up Your Health & Vitality With Magnesium! The Magnesium Miracle with Dr Carolyn Dean

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  1. Please for the love of god answer me this question, every time i take magnesium if feel all sparkly and boarding tingly, sometimes only on the left side! i then stop and on stopping i get bad brain fog and extreme fatigue then a week later its all gone

  2. Diagnosed with hypothyroid 10 years ago. Take ERFA thyroid 90mg daily. Loooooooong list of symptoms. The worst few of my list, skipped heart beats have been my norm, dry skin, Roseca, constipation, straw hair, sleep disturbed and broken. Started on 800mg magnesium starting Nov 25….skipped beats, gone, dry skin, gone, Roseca, gone, constipation, gone, hair, thick and full in only a week. I have no idea of my levels, however, I feel like I get stronger and stronger each day. I also have a mental clarity that has been absent since being diagnosed hypo. Thanks Morley Robinson and Thanks Dr. Dean.

  3. This is great information, but unfortunately so many of the foods she mentions, such as leafy greens, nuts, and chocolate are Very High Oxalate foods. How can I get the magnesium without the oxalates?

  4. I just subscribed because I watched this video this Doctor is just wonderful bless her I need it to ask her a question about my husband cancer & how she thinks I could help him he is dying right in front of me we find out about 2 weeks ago & I don’t think he is going to make to chemo he was so strong & in 2 weeks became skin bone & can’t even stand up anymore he is in bed know day & night I’m scared if I don’t help him soon he is going to die so helpless a man use to work so hard , Health care don’t care about cancer patients the worse they are the last they care health care in Ontario Canada is a joke It is in Ottawa ❤️🙏Please help anyone 😭😭😭😭😭😭For almost two weeks I cannot stop crying , when the person you love for so long tell you to help him he don’t want to die 😭😭😭😭What you do <3

  5. This is a very good podcast, thank you for sharing! The only issue I have with it is that Dr. Dean never mentions precisely the dosages she recommends. Her answers are very vague, like "get enough" which isn't helpful at all. How much magnesium did she take before her surgery, for instance? How much is recommended if you need to "fill up your tank"? How much would be too much? Is diarreah the only indicator of oversupplementation, or are there other symptoms? Being more transparent would have been extremely helpful to us listeners…

  6. Hi there. Just wanted to thank you for this interview. It went so much better than the last one you did with Ms. Dean. You heard us when we asked for less interruptions and more follow through answers from the expert. I love your show and I do love your laugh and genuiness. Thanks again, so much.

  7. Thank you. Really good interview. Host asks all the right questions and did a wonderful job of interviewing. I have the ReMag miracle magnesium it taste awful but works amazingly. Worth every dime!

  8. Incredibly explained. Thank you I'm drinking the mag. Only wish I might have helped my kitty. Poor thing was on durectics for his heart edema but it may have debilitated his heart muscles so in the end what's the benefit of Rx. I'm both sad and so frustrated. So many paoplr are tired and on durectics.

  9. My 65-year-old friend fell on a hard floor and broke her femur — the longest, strongest bone in the body.. She eats gallons of Greek yogurt and l drinks copious amounts of milk to avoid osteoporosis. She is also addicted to drinking way too much water which almost killed her when she washed out so many essential minerals that she had a nearly fatal seizure. Otherwise, she eats a healthy diet and loves vegetables. Go figure.

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