Proposed bill would decriminalize marijuana at federal level

New York Congressman Jerry Nadler has called for a committee vote to push forward a bill that would decriminalize marijuana nationwide. It would remove the …


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  2. Next time some gov official tell u something is bad it’s probably good !if weed is bad but now it’s good and cures cancer they must have been telling a lie ! Guns another instance my friend and her boyfriend were invaded her boyfriend pulled out his gun the men ran out of the house .Them and there kids were safe

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  5. Pot legalization has become a political game of chicken. Every politician knows the public wants it to be legalized, and the Dems can easily pass this in the House. The Dems know that if McConnell gets his way it will never come to a vote in the Senate so when that happens they can say "hey look, we tried to pass it but the GOP said no, vote for us and we will get it done". If McConnell was smart, he'd let it get a floor vote and pass it so the GOP can save face with the public. Pot legalization will be a big subject next year, and whoever says no to it or tries to slow legalization down will get voted out, just ask Pete Sessions from Texas.

  6. Its a herb, which is protected by the 1st amendment. If someone choses to use this herb, as God says they can. States nor federal public servants can do anything about it, Unless they want to uncover their fraud, and conspiracy against The people’s freedom of religious expression.

  7. Well what would you rather have? A bunch of speed freaks an heroin addicts or people smoking weed? Make your choice, I'm pretty sure all those people around those Class A substances would like to just smoke all the time

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