Psyched Out (Documentary on Psychedelics and Plant Medicine)

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  1. Magic mushrooms cured me of 12 long years of depression and anxiety and addiction. My family and I went through hell because of it. Tried over fifteen different meds, countless therapy sessions. Now I'm free. I'm the happiest I've ever been. I quit drink, harmful drugs, smoking. I trip once every two weeks and my life has dramatically changed. All of my friends and family are behind me with this because of the undeniable effect they've had on me. I'm in the gym five days a week. Looking muscular, feeling good. I feel life affirmation every single day. I didn't know what it felt like to be consistently happy because my entire adult life I'd been depressed. It's a beautiful thing. I'm completely in love with life and with being alive!

  2. Terrance Mackenna came to me exactly the same way.

    My Father had committed suicide, I had given up. Then I began to explore things.

    1 year later, I have a soul mate, a better job and don't take small things seriously. Good for you brother.

  3. It is very important to understand
    the people who are opening up to
    What they have learned and befitted.
    I have a cheerful outlook on life.
    I am seeing that many people have had stuff happen that made life bad.
    I am also aware that one can experience a connection with spiritual connections.
    I think it would be wise to have trained doctors in charge of it.

  4. For your next film, dear director why don’t you do something about Celtic artwork and music, Irish mushrooms, and the fairies I mean the real fairies not a nice and sweet make believe ones I mean the really really mean ones. Also their connection to fairy forts and fairy trees would be interesting. It is very dangerous though.

  5. People need to be told psychedelic experiences are not dependant on or exclusive to DRUGS. Your brain can already do this on its own very safely. Psychedelics are like an advanced class. Start simple. Learn to control your mind in psychedelic states first. We all have this. Always have. No drugs needed.

  6. this video has made such a impact listening to the professional side of plant teachers i was becoming very negatively towards the sacred medicines from the complete tripster abuse i keep hearing from everyone who takes these plant teachers even though my own experiences were so deep positive and healing i found myself falling back into a very low energy state not understanding why many i spoke to who took these medicines just seemed like a contest or some kind of debate i healed many traumas thru meditation and shadow work then after about a yr i tried mushrooms and very soon i had no more addictions i was able to feel good and positive about life again wear i was extremely suicidal just a yr before i did find that taking the mushrooms alone and in nature on ritualistic times of the lunar and solstices was best and just recently im learning that it seems best to me to just keep my experiences to myself and spirit until the wave of abuse has slowed thank you for this video it really does help show the good side of psychadelics 🙂

  7. I love the idea of a documentary on psychedelics and plant medicine, but did you not ask a single woman to speak or share? I'm 40 minutes in, and all I see are white men. It's almost like a sausage fest.

  8. You can indeed achieve something close to the DMT experience with meditation alone however it took me 16 years of practice and then smoking DMT a number of times to know what I was looking for to get something undeniably of the same realm, but with less vivid colouration. It has the tunnel and the breaking through at the end, but you have to push for it instead of being dragged through all the nonsense. I'm now trying a combination practice where a small amount of DMT or MOAIs are ingested and the same sequence of thought/breathing/movement patterns are repeated. Very good results so far. A lot of the mescaline shamans inspired me with their claim that only one big experience at the beginning is required and following on even small doses should have the same effect, surely this should be possible with other related compounds.

  9. We must all endeavour not to go down the Crowley path of bumming while drinking blood on mescaline trying to invoke satan or the Aztecs taking mushrooms when tearing out the hearts of kidnapped neighbours to appease the gods ;D We have to remember that any knife can cut bread or stab someone and we need to keep on the side of cutting bread and feeding ourselves because that's what benefits us collectively.

  10. Hmm you've tried all those things and you still showing Earth as a ball :), mate you have still a lot to learn, and by the way you forgot to mention Nikola Tesla and his meditation and how the greatest things for mankind came from that same place you are talking about.


    There are two stories for the beginning of mankind. God goes with flat earth, Big Bang goes with balls and monkeys. It's your choice what do you want to be. LOL

  11. This is an awesome documentary! I loved it except for their very poor taste decision to include the "Spirit Science" lunatic at 26:40 Was that really necessary??? Although he managed to contain his bullshit for this interview, the inclusion of a blatant charlatan taints the amazing genuine efforts of the other people who were featured. If you really want psychedelics to be accepted into a healthy spiritual role in society, TRUTH should be of great importance, and Jordan Pearce proves himself to be a liar with just about every single video that he's made. Promoting him and his lies will lead to A) Rejection of psychedelics by others, particularly those with a strong rational mind and B) Illusory and therefor unhealthy and dangerous psychedelic states by those think his shit is true. Psychedelics can open doors – some of those doors lead to healing and God and some of those doors lead to deception and confusion. It's obvious which door Spirit Science is holding open for people.

  12. To anyone interested in trying psychs, look into how to grow mushrooms, there are more and more online spore vendors these days that'll ship around the world and you may even be able to get them sent to you through someone on fb. Buying some San Pedro and or Peruvian Torch cactus seeds is cheap and as easy as going on ebay. Both are great hobbies and you can learn about growing here on YT or online forums. Psychs helped me overcome depression and probably saved my life. I chose to have faith in reality and opened up completely, the most amazingly beautiful experiential wisdom unfolded before me as I achieved a second awakening and witnessed the paradox of self/reality. It was like being reborn while alive, being twice born and becoming greater equalized all while gaining the ability to perceive in greater parallel perspectives and becoming the true self!

    I'd really like to find the music made in the making of this doc, anyone know who made it and or the names of the songs?

  13. I was freed of a 20 year nicotine/cigarette habit through the use of psilocybe cubensis……I quit cold turkey through intent and a 2 gram mushroom. I've been nicotine/cigarette free for over a year now and have not once had a craving. I have no triggers and life is good now that I can breathe….Psychedelics, quite literally, saved my life….

  14. 33:11 The irony of the AMA PSA using the serpent and the staff as their logo. The Caduceus originates from Kundalini Yoga which was more than likely visualized by drinking Soma a psychedelic brew! Don't get me going on how all religious and spiritual traditions originated from indigenous use of psychedelic substances.

  15. If Psychedelics are made Illegal, you can be GUARANTEED those who stand to profit…Psychiatrists,Psychologists,Clinics and Growers will be the FIRST to then try and get these substances limited to their (profit driven) control….in the name of "safety".

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