Pug encephalitis, Every dog owner must watch, the survival story of Tyson! How to battle seizures!

Tyson is 4 years old, for the people that already know him from instagram everyone knows him for being a very fit Pug! He does morning sports with me swims …


  1. My Pug left us at 11 o'clock last night. I really cried. My father was very serious and never cried. But I saw him cry for the first time, I was Chinese. I really cried when I saw you and your pug . I was very moved

  2. Im so sorry you had to see him suffer irk how you didn't ball all day! Your love is what saved him! Family and love I'm so glad you didnt give up show how big of heart you have! Love all of you and wish you all the best. I'll keep you all in my prayers!

  3. Wow this is incredible, half way through watching Tyson struggle so much I seriously thought the Kindest thing to do would be to put him to sleep (I’m sure many people told you to do that) but I actually cried with happiness even when I saw that he could eat for himself but then he stood up and walked by himself and then he was playing around 😮
    The dedication and love you have invested in this beautiful dog is a true testimony to how we should all treat our pets. My shih tzu are my entire life but it’s so nice to see that grown men like you and your friends show him love it’s just beautiful, I honestly believe that the cannabis oil played a huge roll in Tyson’s recovery I’d be interested to know your thoughts on that too though. One thing I would like to suggest I know your absolutely dedicated to doing all you can for him but I would suggest a raw diet over anything commercial I truly believe that it could make a big difference and of corse you’ll want to add golden paste for extra benefits too, other than that I’d say hes well on his way to living a happy life. I really do pray that Tyson gets through this and you can both be together for many many more years together. Sending you so so much love and hope that you continue to get through the tough times together. Lots of love to you all 😘 😘 😘

  4. OMG 😍. I've just been crying my eyes out!! What a great video Dev!! Thank you for sharing this journey of you and your love Tyson ❤️. You said it- it's all about the love. The love and touch. You and your friends are absolutely amazing to have been there for Tyson and each other during this time. Sending you and Tyson all my love and prayers!! Keep him on the CBD oil!! He's doing amazing!!! I'm following you on Instagram now from watching you on YT. Thank you for what you do to help all of these dogs!!

  5. Tyson is so cute and Brave as you had said a Heart of a Lion
    To watch all of you fight along with him thru his health journey
    Keeping Tyson and all of you in my prayers
    Much fur baby Love

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