Quit Smoking Weed 20 Days | What to Expect | How I Quit Smoking Weed

What to expect after 20 days after quitting weed. Here’s my experience. I think a lot of people will see this as weed quitting motivation. As I say seek for fulfillment …


  1. I decided to quit today, I know I don’t need it to survive I have been smoking for about 4 years and it’s time I stop I don’t even get a high anymore 🙁 so I’m done it hasn’t been even 24 hours yet or anything but I have been putting it off and with the new year beginning i think it’s a good time to start trying

  2. It has been 90 days since i stop smoking weed after smoking ful time for 17 years the best thing i have ever done for me if i can stop anyone can i save my money . Have alots of energy i work out i say no to my self for the things thats not good for me

  3. I smoke everyday seit 10 years and im doing well with my life but last months i feel exactly the same. I have more ideas and i do less. Im just thinking how i come back to sport , or paint more but motivation and results are missing.. I quit it right now so wish me luck. Thanks for the video. Im happy you do it better now, hope i can too.

  4. With cigs, its more emotional for me. After like 3 days of no cigs, ill start crying and raging.
    After 3 days of no weed, its more physical(sweats, indigestion, insomnia, less appetite)
    Thats what ive seen.

  5. This is great advice this is going to be my 19 day Since the last time I smoked and I’m doing a 30 day detox and when I go back to smoking I will do it more like the way you have presented here. Thank you

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