1. What are your thoughts on continuing with CBD while quitting weed. I mean in oral drop form? It seems to lower anxiety and helps with inflammation and other issues. But what about detoxing from everything?

  2. Hey man, love your videos. They are really helping me learn to control my addiction. I have a question though regarding some of the effects of weed. Forgive me if it seems off topic but i couldn't find anything online related to this and its starting to get to me. Any info you or anyone else reading this has would be incredibly helpful.
    So as of the new year I quit smoking tobacco. As such I also stopped mixing it in with my weed and was just smoking green. (still do whenever I do smoke) When I first started to smoke weed, even with tobacco mixed in, I would notice that whenever I was lying down, or trying to sleep, i would twitch uncontrollably. Its not violent or anything, like Myoclonus, but enough to keep me awake for an extended period of time. Since giving up tobacco, ive noticed this symptom return after smoking weed. I was wondering if you or anyone you've spoken to has ever experienced this? If so, what the hell's going on?

    Again, thanks for what you do mate 🙂

  3. I tried to quit weed few times been smoking for 24 years since 13 years old and each time I stop smoking for few days I can't sleep and my libido is no longer there??? how long will my sleep come back and libido ?? how long is this process thank you and also loss of appetite each time I try to stop

  4. Hey guys, i'm going to copy paste a comment i just made on another video (subliminal audio track that may or may not have helped me, idk but it's super relevant to you guys) 1 min ago.



    Guys, i just quit a few days ago. It's legit this time. You know why? Because i have made PEACE with the fact that i don't want to ever smoke it again. Not now, not in the summer, not when i am reunited with old friends, not ever. I've smoked kilograms. Pounds after pounds. And then what? another joint? another ? bullshit man, i'd been lying to myself and i almost broke down in tears realizing all the money and time i wasted. From the age of 21 to 25. My prime young years. It's time to change that. When i was leaning towards this crazy decision, i listened to this recording.
    (this was the subliminal shit, you guys should try it, type subliminal quit weed thomas hall on youtube).

    Around the same time i was watching Tristan's videos.

    Truth be told, i watched your videos a couple of months ago. And you were right. But the weed overcame me, i was not strong enough. Why? Because deep down in my heart i just wasn't willing to let it go.

    So i kept smoking, ignored all the 'quit weed video' suggestion on my timeline, and continued with the bullshit.

    I don't know if it did make a difference. But within a couple of days (maybe it's a coincidence) i suddenly had no real draw to weed. I SAID NO MULTIPLE TIMES ALREADY GUYS, walked past the coffeeshops without feeling ANYTHING.

    If you guys need some help, PM me. You need to make the choice to quit it for life, you don't need it guys. Especially if you've been smoking for years. What are you waiting for? Fuck the next joint, throw away your papers, grinders and whatever.

    Start to say NO. Once you make a conscious decision to turn down weed, it gets easier and easier. (THANK FOR YOU THIS TRISTAN, REINFORCING THE POSITIVE PARADIGM WORKS!!!) So much so that now i'm looking forward to being offered it so i can say NO AGAIN.

    And i will succeed. I live in the Netherlands. Coffeeshops everywhere. Lol. Fuck em, i have too much potential to even think about smoking this plant. Like i said, spent thousands of dollars on it and shortchanged myself for nothing. For a few moments of getting high, and being unproductive, lazy, and just fucking useless really.


    Bring it on.

  5. Great video. Im so depressed most days i lay in bed all day. I realize most of my rewards come from my addictions (weed and video games). So im going to work on it.
    Im not necessarily going to quit forever but i need to see what life is like on the other side.

  6. Love your videos, I have emailed you, I don’t know how many you get and you’re probably backed up with them, anyway was hoping you’d make a new video soon and you shouldn’t definitely upload more often! I’m coming to Bali in March, would love to know where you’re mainly at and have a chat with you – one Aussie to another haha have a good one man ☺️

  7. I really appreciate your videos I watched them a year or so ago when I was first realizing I needed to quit weed after 20 years of daily use and your advice was helpful. It was still some time before I fully quit but now I officially have 60 days under my belt as of today! It's been tough but it's also been enlightening to realize how much my emotions were being masked by weed and they have all come crashing back since I quit. I've been working on my mental health in a way I never would have stoned and I just wanted to thank you for making videos encouraging people to live free of addictions.

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