Quitting WEED Cold Turkey After YEARS Of Smoking DAILY (Techniques That WORK)

Quit weed cold Turkey – The RIGHT WAY. Here’s how to stop smoking weed cold Turkey and the type of symptoms and feelings of withdrawals you should …


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID IT! YOU REALLY DID IT! You made it halfway through the work week. Let's continue to get this bread and all the crumbs as well 🙂

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    My FIRST TIME Getting HIGH StoryTime & Why I STOPPED Smoking WEED 😭😭

  2. Interesting topic (subscribed)
    Damn, u make me worry man :(. i had my first joint in 1977 never stopped since then. Just to be clear, i dont see mj or hash as (dangerous) drugs, i don't feel guilty, but one thing im shure of, lots of money literally burnt 🙁 so you're right, better stay away kids. same goes to smoking in general.

  3. Worst thing for me=nausea+can’t eat nothing. Am hungry with nausea but, food smells and taste horrible, I can’t swallow food. Am so stressed I try smoking back again after this symptoms and for some reason I am high and still not hungry. I hope this pass soon.

  4. 💟🏳️‍🌈Beautiful and Love Favorite Friendly!‼️💚 Cleanliness Healthy Helps HEAVEN!❗️and I Love Cannabis!‼️ and I NOT NEED CANNABIS!❗️ BUT I Love ALL Life Forever!‼️🤩 And You are Awesome❗️

  5. Just stop cold turkey. I do just that periodically for months at a time in order to reset my tolerance level. As it make its way out of your system, you're going to be astonished at how startling vivid your dreams will become.

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