1. appetizing Pez dispenser ya got there. LOL

    Decriminalize just about everything involving serve substance abuse. It's time official policy looks at it like the disease that it is and treat it with medicine not punishment!!

  2. If you set up a liquor credit system, people will form an underground marketplace and sell each other the credits, which I'm sure is what happens in the military. If people have to be physically present for their own credit usage, then they'll sell by proxy, like teenagers paying adults for cigarettes. Regarding two cases of beer per month, that doesn't seem that much. It's less than two beers per day on average. I wouldn't call this "problem drinking" based on the (average) quantity alone.

  3. Are you able to separate "addiction" from "physical dependence"? There is a baseline addition rate that applies to just about anything. For example, people can get addicted to gambling, TV, video games, or porn. It will seem more dire in the case of drugs due to their typical illegality. If someone were court mandated to not watch porn for six months and then he did, you might make a video lamenting that his addiction was so severe he couldn't lay off the porn for even six months. I'm assuming there is something beyond the baseline rate, into the realm of physical dependence, but it would seem more useful to quantify the amount.

  4. Fact: weed (thc) reverses and or is naturally resistant to brainwashing. I mean actual brainwashing. Like when nazi scientist do every test every drug every crazy thing under the sun to human beings…. the victimes/patients will resist more if they get high. They won't obey as much.

  5. Legalize cannabis and expunge criminal records of people that have been busted for it in the past, it's no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco (less so in fact) both of which are perfectly legal. Decriminalize all the other drugs.

  6. Have you bothered to look into Shanny forChrist's video advocacy and use of cannabis? She uses heavily and claims benefit for borderline personality disorder and fibromyalgia symptoms. It doesn't appear to be helping her any at all. It's apparently the opposite for her, her kids and her clinically wet-brained husband,both psychologically and physically. I wondered because she was planning to attend a get together of You Tubers you planned a few months ago a d was among the many no-shows. I gather you've known her to some degree for some time at least peripherally. The woman needs heavy psychological and medical help (gross obesity issues) and has apparently has married into sufficient money to be able to afford it but does not avail herself. Instead she veges out daily and plays videos, stays loaded on various forms of cannabis. Care to comment?

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