Re-vegging & MONSTERCROPPING Cannabis Plants – How To Guide

Today, an introduction to Monstercropping – taking clones off a plant in flowering …as well as re-vegging cannabis plants by accident or in general! (which in …


  1. I've put my plants back in the reveg a bunch of times… Why waste a good root system.. you could do it for many generations it's kind of fun….Plus I like to watch the bud grow out and become the one leaf… Freaks people out that don't know what's going..

  2. Lex, I have situation and a question for you and anyone else wanting to comment:

    Recently two plants (super lemon haze) were given to me that were reportedly harvested the year before and re-vegged. Clones were cut from one of them and the two of them were put into flower. I'd never grown this strain but it is reportedly a 75-25 sativa dominate cross. With that in mind I was anticipating at least a nine week flowering period and perhaps a week or two longer.

    I was a bit shocked to see the plants begin to flower very quickly. They seemed to be flowering as quickly as what would be expected from a pure indica. The buds were big and started to harden up at the end of week six. By the end of week seven some of the top buds were beginning to appear to be overdone for my tastes and I harvested the plants at 49 days. The buds were very nice and quite done.

    Now the clones have been vegged and are in flower and they are flying along just as the original two plants did. So my question is, do you know of any history of re-vegged plants and their clones going through flower at an accelerated rate? If so, re-vegging might be a good strategy to have faster harvests. Thanks for any and all comments.

  3. Hi Lex! Great video as always. I have a few Dutch Passion Blueberrie's I've taken clones from. Them I put those in my garden a little bit early (maybe a few weeks) and now I see that they all re-veged. They are young well rooted clones. I still have a long time ahead outdoors. What do you think? should I just leave them there to recover and will they be ok plants?

    A friend of mine said.. Yeah! It will just make them stronger! I doubt that, but maybe they wil be ok considering that they have tons of time to recoved, excellent soil and care.

    thanks a lot! I am a big fan

    Regards from Buenos Aires

  4. Ok question, what if you cut off a stem of one cannabis plant and mended it back onto the wound of another cannabis plant of a different strain is such crazy high Frankenstein plant mending possible??

  5. For yield. Keep the stems the same height thru training, and using aeropots or any type of cloth pot for root air pruning, is essential for root mass and yield.
    Ideally you want 1 "short" broomstick thick (or better) masterstem that branches out into a bunch of "main stems" that branch out again. Then you lollipop. Your goal is tricking the plant into treating every stem that directly branches from the master stem as a main stem. It should look like the sea of green technique if you do it right.

    Also keep in mind this strategy makes plants that are thirsty as fuck. Plan ahead

  6. Help me out. I never got clones from my plant and shes already deep into flower. Should I try monster crop or re-veg. I want to keep the phenotype with a method that'll give me the most success rate.

  7. Plant really doesn't need to be all that healthy to be revegged in my exp, which admittedly isn't all that much.
    Furthermore cleanliness is overrated when it comes to clones, by all means keep ya shit clean but I have for example not thoroughly cleaned my shears for a while now, I only do it pre harvest and post harvest really, got some 707 and dream monstercropped now starting to show those telltale bumps in my aero cloner.
    It also seems you might only need to clip of leaves for very thirsty cuts in an aero system might be just fine too, will deff research that more as more photosynthetic real estate = faster rebound on planting.

  8. A lot of patience for that one. A question on my outdoor half dozen clones. Looking beautiful 5 footers, lots of colas, my new try is wet trimming, not too close at least on the tops, to get the most sun for its last couple of weeks. Expecting to yellow soon, then I wet trim close, just prior to harvest, Seems safe, any thoughts on my MA legal grow?

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