Real vs Fake Dank Vapes| Review & Comparison

Oh Boy we got a lonnggggg video today friends, it’s a good one though (I hope). The First half is a breakdown of the things to look for to identify fake dank vapes …


  1. Ur dumb asf bro all those carts ur showing that are "real" are legit the same fake ass cart bcuz the ring on the bottom where the atomizer is the ring is white and on real ones the ring is transparent

  2. both are fake the o ring must be a clear teardrop shape fakes now can have those stamps on the bottom with the "k" "ca###" and "ccell" and they font wont be stretched and distorted anymore go on dhgate and alibaba if u dont believe me.

  3. How can you tell which carts are "better" if all of them are fake?

    Anyone can take their old "legit" carts and refill them with whatever they want.

    I refill mine all the time. Better to make your own rather than trust some shady cart who's producer can't even be found if someone needs to be held accountable for making you vape some pesticides.

  4. if anyone is actually relying on this video to judge the safety of his cart, a couple of things. ccell original carts can be bought on ebay. so having an original ccell is not proof of safety. thickness of the oil can be tampered with, a thickening agent can be added and is in fact one of the identified dangerous substances that have sent people to hospital or death. i believe the only way to have a clue if the oil is "safe" is potency of effect vs thickness, as a thick liquid that is soft on effect is very suspicious.

  5. I've purchased at least 100 of these.. theres a few hit or miss ones. Im from Cali but currently live in Hawaii and that's all we get . But for the most part they all keep me going throughout the day. Havent ever really been disappointed and I've tried a lot of different carts.

  6. Thats just so much to keep in mind. Like you have to be absolutely up to date on every little detail to vape. Its rediculous too much involved just smoke or eat weed or concentrate.

  7. Just risk it and grow the shit yourself no matter where you live. That's the only way fed laws will change is if enough ppl get caught and take it to the box and set legal precedent on it. Trust me, if you get busted and take the charge before a grand jury, I guarantee that out of 12 ppl you're going to have at least one that is sympathetic to your cause and you'll be found innocent. And that's even if the DA let's it go that far to begin with and tries to get you to plea out just to get some fines out of you because they know in today's climate, the odds are in your favor for winning, not theirs. Sure, you'll be uncomfortable in jail till your court date, but you'll know you're on the right side of history and did something proactive for the issue instead of just hiding from the system hoping for change on its own. Nothing changes on its own, it must be forced to move when it refuses to do so on its own.

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