Real Vs. Fake Dank Vapes (Review)

Was up guys this is a comparison of real danks and fake dank Vapes I know y’all been wanting this vid and I gotcha back ‼️ hope y’all been staying high …


  1. so where can we go to get real ones? I ordered off the site and now getting harassed for add'l 200.00 for shipping say fully refundable as so as we receive the package. I received one text that it has cleared Cleveland and now they are telling me customs seized the package and if I hurry and pay the 200 they can get it away from them real quick which makes no sense to me at all. Can anyone help lead me to right one and not the hassles

  2. So how do I get a youtuber to call a “scammer” out? So everyone knows NOT to trust these people on Instagram? This chick took $245 and then blocked my brother’s social media and phone. She has an Instagram page called “dank_vapes” like I said and she’s been doing this for a while!

  3. I got some new boxes that were fake as hell. Even had gold oil in them and taste like soap. Clear ring and numbers matched. The only way I could tell they were fakes, the stem in the middle was way too thick. Gimme an email I'll send you picks. Amazing fakes ripped me off hard!

  4. I’m so upset I just bought a dank vape and it didn’t even look fake or anything it was real but the cart itself was fake. I didn’t even get me high at high it was peeking and just gave me a massive headache ☹️ it was my first one I bought in months now i know just to continue smoking wax and bud

  5. Bro that doesn't mean it's fake. Any one can fill Danks. The "Fake lemon skunk" you have is just old packaging😂. There's original Danks that's longer, then new Dank 2.0s thats black packaging like your Lemon Skunk, the whole box used to be yellow. But now the "real" Danks you have, are Dank 3.0s with cutouts on the side and they tend to have 3D holographic stuff. But basically what I'm saying here is Danks are just constantly updating packagings. Soon we'll have Dank fours that look super super nice and even more patented and new details and more way to stand out.

    You can order any versions of Danks online such as Ebay. And fill it with distillate oil and use the right terpenes for those strains. All Danks are fake. Every single dank on the streets are bought from China empty, and filled individually or bulk. If you find Danks, Kingpens, Marios, Supreme, Exotics in any local dispensaries in California or legal states, you're probably in a fake unregulated unlicensed dispensary💀

    I fill Danks, the latest holographic packagings fuck the first and second ones they look ugly n outdated but ye I sell em for $20 a pop lmao if I sell em for higher it takes days to sell but because I'm the only one doing $20 Danks here bruh I sell so many a day😂

    But that's just Danks lol I got every brand and more it's funny

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