Review of ROVE vape pen cart. Sativa Tangie

Just a quick review of the rove tangie cart. Its pretty nice but not the best. Upper midrange oil, but looks top of the line.


  1. That one looks fake. I’ve had that same one. Shouldn’t b cloudy, should b laser etched and no that’s not an “old” one they never came like that. But it’s still good oil. Just overpriced

  2. the new cart design hits even better, and doesnt need as longer draws, or higher voltages to get clouds out of the atomizer. I noticed in the last couple months the oil got to look slightly more viscous and transparent. It used to look almost like badder/terp sauce. Or like almost a butter sugar mix when heated gets viscous. Either way theyve really dialed it in during the new 2018 standard era, considering they already tested clean prior, theyve still made these better than they were even a year ago. IMO my fave vapes good terpy rips

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