Road-Tripping Through the Upper Midwest to Help Legalize, Tax, and Regulate Recreational Marijuana

I just spent a week in Michigan and North Dakota, advocating for the end of the expensive, racist, and counter-productive prohibition on marijuana. Back in 2012 …


  1. Mr steaves….I grew up watching and enjoying your programming.. I sailed the world and used your out look to better serve me in my travels.. But if you are going to support a scuddled narcotic. I can no longer support you… Or your dose take all kinds but I do not support that .. The government is just tossing in the towl… In the mean time I can not get a breath of fresh air with out smelling that fowl crap….here in Washington state good bye sir…

  2. I love you Rick, you're so inspiring to me. not just your stance on the prohibition, but your other wholesome and educational videos as well. Thank you for being you, I enjoy watching you so much!!! Thank you from Paris, FR

  3. If older responsible adults want to get high once in a while it's OK with me but if you legalize pot you're going to have a lot of kids driving around high. In the past it was also thought that pot smoking is an introduction to harder drug use. I don't know if this is the case but pot is going to be another thing to distract young adults and do we really need that type of thing? I hope that pot research stay medicinal but I doubt it.

  4. Good work Rick. I have been a fan for ages….while I am not a pot smoker myself, I think that it makes no sense to continue to criminalize pot and pot users. The benefits are too numerous to let prohibition prevail. Canada is set to legalize recreational pot next week. Keep up the fight

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