RSO Video Diary 44 How to Use Rick Simpson Oil

I started the RSO back up over the weekend for two reasons I haven’t been feeling all that great and I haven’t done a maintenance dose in a month.


  1. Dam yo u just ate 1.5 of RSO and took 2 extra strength RSO pills yah just like I read in comments how would u even be able to function ur RSO oil u made must be week as fuck bc I just started taking it I started out with a half rice grain in taking about a lil under or over a rice grain size drop after 3 days and fuck making RSO oil go to dispensary buy it it's all rested and ud probly get better shot then ur taking bc I just got a gram of gorilla glue fire as fuck I had some Harley quin RSO that shit had me melting in the couch but do u if that's even half as strong as dispensary's RSO then yah that's a boss size dose u took c yah in next 7 days peace

  2. And I thought I was a (semi) pro because I ingest about a quarter of a gram of activated and tested (here in cannabis legal Washington state EVERYTHING is tested) RSO every night before I go to bed. It works great!! And I've been doing that for some months now. But a gram and a half at one setting? I'd be afraid I wouldn't wake up or at the least of a "bad trip" for lack of a better term. I started out by micro dosing and building up, so even though I could probably handle it, about a third of a gram would be my max dose. Anyway, start small and build your way up to YOUR medicinal dose of activated (hopefully yours is) RSO and watch your health improve…

  3. Hi, I have a silly question. My dad has terminally brain cancer, he's currently barely eating, cannot walk and sleeps all day. I started giving him cbd /thc tincture 1:1 5mg, which isn't alot. He hasn't smoked marijuana since the 70s. I wanna give him the rso but he's already sleeping non stop with the small tincture. Just wondering if ita normal to be that sleepy with such a low dose. It makes me scared to give him the rso which of course is stronger but he needs it to heal his cancer.

  4. Why are you taking that big of a dose I get your sick but damn that's a shit ton there is no way anyone recommends that dose I've never seen anybody take that kind of a dose you dont need to take that much

  5. Hold the phone…you just ate a 1.5g ball of rso, then pop two pills and think you are coming back to do an honest review of the said two pills….you're joking, right? Lol

    Maybe you smoke 5 strains in one sit and claim to accurately judge each high next to the other, too.

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