1. So do you need thc to get the health benefits of cannabis? All I can get my hands on right now is high quality cbd oil. January 1 Illinois goes legal for recreational cannabis! But cities decide whether or not they will sell it. I'm probably going to have to go on a small road trip to get it.

  2. Why don’t these people that are supposedly healed take part in the many clinical trials? Also publish these people medical records public to show it. There has been many trials.

  3. I know of eight people that have CURED themself of CANCER,, Bone cancer,, Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, Tumors Cancer, .. Do it,, IT WORKS!!! LORD PLEASE LET THIS COME TO LIGHT!! NO CHEMO, OR RADIATION !!

  4. Crying my eyes out

  5. Excellent information… Im suffering from pain 5 half yrs after being hit by a car
    The medication im on makes me foggy
    I came of it all nearly
    Nd felt great… But my knee replacement
    Operation went wrong and knee swollen up
    Mudfossil University
    Recommended Castor oil… It took the pain away nd reduced the swelling
    But the tibia is spiltered and the plates all lose
    I can walk but not far….. My doctor wants me to wait another 2yrs
    Thats 2yrs not working
    2yrs not being able to care for my family fully

    What is going on…. I want to work…. I want to be a great mammy…. I don't want to be a some sick person
    Due to medication
    People need love
    People need to have health
    People need a reason to live
    People suffer so much
    I losted my mammy 22 yrs ago cancer
    I losted my daddy 19 years ago…

    I wish I knew this back then

    Thank you so much
    Mr Rick

  6. ive been looking for this stuff for years! well, idk if this is the same stuff but a friend told me about how her grandfather had skin cancer that fell off when a native american shaman applied a thick black substance

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