S12:E4 Heavyweight, Dr.Krippling, Dutch Passion, Dinafem cannabis grow

Day 64. A quick update, the cbd industrial plant, and incredible bulk are on flush, and almost ready on harvest. gonna be a bit for the fruit punch, and think big, …


  1. I hope you didn’t mind but I put a link to your YouTube on my instagram. Hope it’s you some followers I just wanted people to see how killing the auto flower game brother.

  2. We've come along way in the last several years, sure others too grow autos but Ive always tried to follow you because we seem to have started in autos about the same time.And yes that incredible bulk isn't foxtailing too bad especially not if it's just going to rosin but she dont look like she weighs nearly what your first incredible bulk did,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Growers love to ya, keep on keeping on brother

  3. That Incredible Bulk looks delightful to me, i dont understand why foxtailing is looked down upon. Lot of times its genetic, if its heat stress its definitely bad, but that looks like undamaged unique flower to me bud👍🙏🙌

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