1. Colleen Barnett is a trash prosecutor and an actual walking talking garbage bag, who can absolutely go f*ck herself. i hope she spends the rest of her days on earth haunted by the knowledge that she had a trash case against a disabled woman with no admissible, concrete evidence against her. Sandy’s lawyer(s) failed her. the american judicial system failed her. the jury failed her. may they forever be tormented.

  2. Are there any updates on this story worth you making a follow up video? Can she take the polygraph now that the situation isn't a fresh trauma on her body?

  3. Uhm how could she tie
    herself up, pull a chair
    in front of the door with
    her on the other side,
    not to mention killing
    a man when she herself
    is an older woman with
    a gazillion healthissues….

    Really bro?? 😐😑😒….

  4. Love your content!!! You are such a lovely person and want justice for the victims and families in your videos. Wish there were more people in the world like you as it would be a far better place with less hate and harm ,o others bless you x

  5. my question is how do you tie yourself up close the closet door and put a chair there?? that makes no sense she totally did not do this and they need to realize this and get the person who actually did. I also feel like when they were questioning here they were very inconsiderate of what she just went through. like right away they thought she was guilty

  6. What the actual fuck you're telling me OJ didn't get jail time for murdering his wife with all this evidence against him and this poor lady got 27 years jail time and there's no evidence against her who the fuck are doing these cases

  7. That's so scary imagine your husband was just killed and you're just trying to mourn their death and you're accused of being the murderer when you were clearly tied up and have no wounds to prove you were fighting him or stabbing him

  8. I think that there was enough evidence to prove she was guilty, although evidence is minimal in this entire case, it kind of does prove it was here seeing that if there was some sort of break in it would've shown. I recommend everyone to watch Jim Can't Swim's video since this gives are more detailed point of view

  9. In this situation having a grand juror is BS. It's like they completely threw their common sense out the window. They found her guilty because it "makes sense"??? are you fucking kidding!!! This poor lady!

  10. I sadly know how it is when you knockout because of epilepsy … I don't really think she has done it. When she's innocent Im very sorry for her. It's hard enough to have this illnesses.

  11. I could barley even comprehend the case against her. It didn’t make any sense and I feel so bad that she was charged with his murder. It’s so obvious that she didn’t do it🤦🏼‍♀️

  12. Why would the murderers go through the trouble of tying her up, placing her in a closet, and the propping the closet door shut with a chair after brutally killing the husband? If they killed the husband in that violent manner, then they must not care on using violence to whomever it may be, but yet she survived? Doesn’t make sense.

  13. My brother has been a LEO for over 20 yrs & is a state investigator now. He says that a polygraph should NEVER be issued when a person is under extreme emotional distress, etc. It's wrong that they even suggested doing one on her when she just lost her husband & also had just reportedly had a massive seizure. Ugh.

  14. Why don’t they check the barcode or whatever from the shirt, and find out how many were sold from that area and try to make correlations, check security cameras, it’s somebody they know. That’s why they didn’t steal everything, the killers had 2 plans, frame the wife, and frame robbery if that didn’t work.

  15. People forget the Justice system is a BUSINESS- BIG BUSINESS. Prosecutors need to look like they are needed, Judges need cases, prisons need prisoners, lawyers need cases. Our Justice system has become a sad joke. Just like all government systems. The CLEARLY guilty get a slap and the ones who are innocent get the hammer.

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