1. What am i missing? Do you take a plant to flower to know its got the types of flowers you want for your clones and then revert it back to veg to keep it as a mother? Otherwise, how do you know a plant is an ideal mother if u dont ever see whst kinds of buds it yields?

  2. Hi, just found the channel and am learning a lot! I had a question about phenotype "hunting".
    I recently purchased a few packs of seeds from a seed bank which has good reviews from what I can find and was learning about picking a phenotype for a mother plant, but I have been told a few times now that reputable banks usually sell seeds that are very "stable" so there isn't going to be much variation in these seeds, therefore I can probably save myself time and just turn one into a mother. Does that sound accurate?
    (Sorry for the run-on sentence but wasn't sure how to word it any better.)

  3. anyone else ever experience how the frost freaks and low yielders that are super dank and amazing Never want to clone and its always such a struggle and takes forever for them to root. then you take a basic strain or a heavy yielding not so dank strain and the damn thing shoots roots like it nothing 100% and fast haha drives me nuts when i get a super dank freak, i find they dont breed as well either. oh well just what makes them that much more special-

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