Semen Retention – TOP 10 REASONS Why PEOPLE Do Not Respect You – BECOME A BETTER MAN

SEMEN RETENTION TO GAIN HER RESPECT Today we will talk about semen. We talk semen retention. Specifically, semen retention benefits. Semen …


  1. Definitely the fastest ways to turn ppl off is to preach/criticise, complain, bitch, and be negative. Do ur best, but don't worry or try to impress, be positive and let stuff roll off ur shoulders. When I was younger I didn't talk much, ppl liked me a lot. We're always curious about me and tried to get to know me. When older talk too much, a lot of ppl don't like me. Keep shit to urself, u may think I want someone to bitch to, but why bitch? Why not try to be positive and exercise letting go.

  2. Hello Casey Zander,

    Thanks for the good video.

    I think you should remove the Lower Third saying: "Subscribe now".

    Telling people to subscribe now does not work. Using words to plead your case is risky business: Words are dangerous instruments, and often go astray. The words people use to persuade us virtually invite us to reflect on them with words of our own; we mull them over, and often end up believing the opposite of what they say. (That is part of our perverse nature.)

    Understand: Words put you on the defensive. If you have to explain yourself your power is already in question.

    Create compelling content that makes the words "subscribe now" unnecessary.

    Give them quality. That is the best kind of advertising.

    yr boy,

  3. Another great vid Uncle C!! Men need to know u need to become a better a version of your self and to get a grip and grow some balls, go after your goals have your shit together self improve have drive and ambition then your get the respect if u put in the hard work, do it for yourself not anyone else.

  4. Hey Casey do you talk so much on dating and semen retention, very good videos. But you havent talked about how many times should we relapse on a relationship or marriage. Hope you talk about this!!

  5. Hey uncle C this is the very first time that I am watching one of your videos, and what can say you do have a point . Thank you for this content ,keep doing what your doing. You just got yourself a sub my brother.

  6. The other day a girl told me her friend said she was intimidated by my attractiveness. Guys what Casey is saying is REAL. Be disciplined in this, things have been happening to me that have never happened and I’ve done enough trial and error to know it’s not a coincidence. Put in the work and re-wire your brain. Good shit Casey

  7. Women can read and express body language at a far better rate than men, and it's natural. It's not even something men are able to perceive, because men's brains are not wired to utilize body language at the same clip.

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