Skywalker OG Cartridge by Heavy Hitters – Leafly Reviews

Our review of Skywalker OG Cartridge by Heavy Hitters. The “gallon jug” of cannabis cartridges, this massive vape pen attachment contains a whopping 2.2 g of …


  1. Man to man, don’t ever wear that beanie again. The slouched beanie look is not for bald heads, it’s makes your forehead look hella long , combination of your long beard gives you a hobbit appearance.

  2. I just started vaping like 3 weeks ago and I had a 1 gram cart and had some flower but Its almost out and I'm a heavy smoker I prefer vapeing and I'm sure I can make it last 1 month you dont have to be obliterated every second of the day and hit it chill and be high.

  3. Omgosh ! I been waiting to see a larger than 1.og tank! Wanna see a fat 8th oil pen! Lol i need this boutta get a jet fuel og cart. A sour deisel cart. N a skunk og cart. Waiting for homegirl to get off work lol

  4. Can I please have your job?!?🤣🤣🤣I wish we could get Heavy Hitters our here in MD, but a 2.2 gram cart would easily cost close to $250. Love that Skywalker OG flower though!

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