1. Bruv. Vaping or smoking goes in our lungs not in our stomach. Secondly it's doesn't fulfil our hunger or quench our thirst. So how it can break our fast? Plz tell true if there is any hadis on it. Thanks & regards. I keep fast and I do vape as well.

  2. I often chew gum because I suffer from halitosis and severe acid reflux disease. I know it’s not an excuse. But I’ve been chewing gum amongst others things during Ramadan last year and I recently found out that there is supposed to be a 60 day fasting penalty for breaking the fast intentionally. This hasn’t been brought to my attention until now. I’ve been selfish and I’ve repented. Will Allah accept my 60 day fast if I do my best to get it done now?

  3. Think we should leave this one to Allah to judge…I've heard Muslim scholars say weed is haram..and I've heard some say leave it with allah…now me myself have recently took shahada….now..I'm 40 years old…I've been smoking weed since 12 ..so it's not a thing I do to show off or get high..I'm hooked. Now all I can do..is pray to Allah to help me quit. It's simple as that. But if u have no intention of quitting…Ur not ready for Islam…so weed smokers..know that Allah doesn't like this and recognise it and stop…and may Allah have mercy on a weak human that is hooked on drugs…and I'm sure he will…All merciful. .but u have to want to stop it. Work with allah ..he will work with us…set a time to stop smoking and stick to it insha'Allah. That's wot I'm going to do..peace.

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