Super Frosty LED Grown Buds Green Crack Harvest

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  1. Noice. I have 4 ladies in 36tj day of flower 45 from 12/12. Crop king. 300 watt led and 300 watt cob. Small tent ,Hst ,lst,fim. 2 defoliations. Looking frosty 🥶 I can’t wait. Not as big as ur beautiful dank buds but they will do 😜like and subbed. Respect ✊

  2. Bro I went to the site to enter into the contest but it won’t let me get pass putting my age in. I’ve done it a few times and it still won’t take it. It sucks that I can’t get any enters into the contest

  3. I watch all of your videos, they’ve been a tremendous help to my home grows, this box would take me to the next level pls consider me. Stay posting these dank videos and blessing the community-Joncarlo Solano

  4. Insta check
    twitter check
    forum check
    youtube both channels check
    I always see what you do, BLG. Lurking as of late but anyways man. Keep doing the good work. Fuck YT at least fuck em a little. Only stupid messing with peaceful growers. Cya BLG!

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