1. I agree that no taxation should be imposed on cannabis. What frustrates me is they are on both sides of the spectrum. If it is ever legal, you can bet hymie's hand would still be on the forefront. Dispenseraries are already headed by them. It's a goddamn shame with states having medical pot available, the ID is costly and there are barely any qualifiable conditions. In my state, you pretty much have to be dying to receive the ID. It is blasphemous that these corrupt parasites tell us what is right and what is wrong.

  2. The fight has been won on the level of public opinion,we’re in the govt-level battle now and gaining the upper hand,.We’re in for the same battle tobacco lost to back in the 90’s next,and that’s where we’ll get screwed.
    Small farmers all over the southern US lost their State pre-approved tobacco plots,and all the local tobacco auction warehouses went out of business.Now it’s all Fed-approved plots grown by large-scale growers,prices are set by D.C.rather than the quantity/quality grading and the amount delivered to the local warehouse auctions.
    It hit my region hard in East Tenn,every rural farmer set aside a few acres for tobacco and auctioned it off for property taxes every year.The average American has no idea how much work goes into just the “grading” of the leaf;the quality of tobacco was better allowing the free-market set the standard if you ask me.

  3. I got excited when Attorney General Sessions publicly said he would not ignore his oath, that he would uphold the law against marijuana. This put Congress on notice that they had better change the laws. Otherwise people would still be expecting to get away with breaking the law so long as they cried loud enough. Emotionally forcing our government to ignore the law, rather than changing it, is what gets people hurt by getting caught up in the Criminal Business System.

  4. Its a trap. Just another back door gun grab like the state level legalizations with their fine print saying you cant even touch a firearm if you have touched weed because you are considered to be some kind of dangerous drug addict. Go ahead and read the fine print, I'll wait.

  5. Weed is the next tobacco with the added negatives of alcohol. You act like a useless degenerate when you use it (alcohol and weed), and you become a useless degenerate when you become addicted. Add that with the lung effects of copious smoke inhalation, bronchitis, and of course I wouldn't be surprised to see cases of black lung and smokers cough becoming common. If you want to legalize it, at least make all of the negatives known because right now we are being told to jump blindly into this and deny any claims that it can be bad. "It literally cures cancer" is a meme for a reason along with "'i'm not addicted' he said on his 8th blunt today". Not that this should matter but for reference I do not believe in god, so none of this is religiously motivated.

  6. Never taken an ilicit drug in my life. Not interested. But I am pro-legalization of e everything this side of cyanide. It's not the government's job to police stupid personal choices. But it must be understood that marijuana is the new Lotto. State and local governments will keep piling on because they see a pretty massive new revenue stream. They couldn't give two shits about doing the right thing. It's just how legalization will work for now. If the government's not getting paid, it ain't happening.

  7. Even if it is legal, that does not mean that the company you work for….if you do work for one…will allow employees to get high.
    And that would be because of their insurance companies. Oh sure I know all the reasons and blah blah, but they pay for on the job accidents…..so….the end.

  8. Marijuana prohibition only achieves ONE thing. Creates criminals. Once the man gets you for that the gateway is open and you meet a friend in jail and your crimes get worse.

    Prohibition CAN NOT EVER WORK! You can only create crime and criminals.

  9. I think the gateway drug has more to do with the people you start being introduced to that have access to or addicted to other drugs. Then people frame the drug itself to claim it leads you into other things.

  10. You would have to be 21 to legally buy weed, but I was put on Ritalin when I was 4. Fucked my entire childhood up.

    It's perfectly legal to twist up the mind of a developing child, but you better be fully grown before you put a plant in your body!

  11. Liberals are such a bunch of coherent and well thought people… Until they come up with "but muh weed, bruh!" stuff. They didn't learned nothing with the gay marriage slippery slope that turned out to be leading to the cliff that is transgenderism.

  12. As usual, I agree with your thoughts on this. It's got far more advantages than disadvantages. It's basically innocuous. Far less damaging and dangerous than alcohol, cigarettes. Keep it in the small production arena.

  13. The war on pot stemmed (pun intended) from the war on hemp.
    The gateway drug theory is you are going to be associating with druggies
    and they will introduce you to new drugs (god damn the pusher man)

  14. I never cared about the legality of these drugs. I'd get my hands on them, anyway. The most I'd argue for is a lift on the federal ban, and thats about it.

  15. Pot is 'legal' for adult in California, and they tax the bejesus out of it. I think it's close to 20% tax in San Francisco, maybe more including city sales tax on top of the 'sin tax' they charge. They're already double-dipping on taxing pot, and the shops are keeping their prices high, while growers aren't making as much.

  16. Any drug that is wrongly scheduled will suggest to the user that many other drugs are wrongly scheduled (many of which are). Hence, pot is a gateway drug but not because of the traditional thought process that weed begat coke which begat heroin, etc.

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