Surgeon General issues advisory on marijuana's effects on youth, pregnant women

Health and Human Services Secretary Azar, Surgeon General Jerome Adams make remarks and participate in a press conference on “a topic related to public …


  1. Thanks for this information. How some people would still choose to risk their mental health and that of their children for the sake of the wish that pot is safe Is beyond comprehension. But then again, that’s what happens when you consume marijuana… The health of our children deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Years ago, I observed the horrible impact marijuana had on teenagers while running a youth program. I worked with youth who had no motivation, were failing school, and the saddest thing was that they had no dreams. Unfortunately, adults have continually chosen their own inebriation and greed over the well being of children. While I’m glad that some are sounding the alarm when it comes to the dangers of marijuana. The truth is that alcohol is the number 1 killer of teenagers, and it causes more deaths each year than any other substance. Children and teenagers in this Country are suffering needlessly everyday because of irresponsible, self indulgent, addicted, and greed focused adults. Children deserve sober parents who are supporting responsible policies.

  3. phytocannabinoids from the cannabis species of plant life support and aid the humans endocannabinoid system . they are supplemental ligands / lipids…. the cells contain what is known as cannabinoid receptors ( cb).. cb receptors metabolize bio-active lipids such as plant based phytocannabinoids.. all of the action occurs in the endocanabinoid system ( named after the plant Hint, Hint)… read patent # 6630507 to learn what a cannabinoid is and its function for man

  4. Cigs by the CDC's words kills 521 thousand Americans a year, and in that total is 41 thousand others from second hand smoke which includes kids. Where are these fools at on the topic of health? We all know what this is about.. The government is becoming hated by people, and distrusted the more they learn the truth. There are many people known to have chain smoked pot for decades. Why aren't they dead yet? They're super old now..

    USA is bought.

  5. Nixon ordered his staff to ignore the marijuana studies, say it’s dangerous and put it in the same class as heroine. This Nixon control made pot a stepping stone to much worse drugs. The GOP loves to use the word freedom, until it has to do with control of what other people do. If you don’t like pot don’t smoke it. How hard is that? What we should be looking at is why our nation is so addicted to drugs of all kinds, especially those worse than pot. This is pure BS.

  6. Reading the comments below, I see a significant contingent of those who, having won their fight to legalize, are now concerned that there may be sentiment to repeal those laws. The fact is simply that the Surgeon General is warning us that it is not the safe and harmless drug it has been painted to be. I, personally, would prefer to legalize all drugs and only punish infractions while under their influence (but punish those severely). If you want to ruin your health and escape reality, it should be your business as long as you do not impact others. That said, however, the technology that has allowed the evolution of more potent substances make even the traditional drugs of old far more dangerous than they once were. We should all be aware of this and not trying to suppress information that is perceived by potheads to be threatening to their leisure vice.

  7. Aside from truly medical applications of weed, the answer is to change your life so you are happy and contented and feel worthwhile without needing to stun your brain into ignoring or feeling otherwise.

  8. Cannabis is a safer recreational drug choice for most adults. Most of the problems associated with it have been caused by prohibition. It's good that most people know this now. End the drug war!

  9. In reading comments on the live streaming, I can see many of the effects the warning is being made about. Who cares whether other things are more dangerous? That doesn't mean you can ignore this warning. What a bunch of dinks! Pot (and who knows what else) has clearly affected your mentality!

  10. Bull!!!! I had "morning sickness" the whole time I was pregnant, I couldn't even keep the sickness pills down. My doctor told me if cannabis settled my stomach and allowed me to eat by all means do it!!! Surgeon General… bought and paid for by Big Pharma….. People have been safely smoking cannabis for thousands of years…

  11. Meanwhile everyone is encouraged to horse down alcohol anytime they get the urge. Except while pregnant. Or alive. Marijuana is more of a political and consciousness issue than it is a medical issue.

  12. My daughter is very addicted to pot.
    When she has none,she uses harder drugs.
    When she is high ,she steals.
    Spends her money.I'm all for medical MJ,but totally against recreation Pot use.

  13. Mothers are the cause of childhood depression. Authoritarianism against, and the loss of sovereign identity is what leads to depression. Is what leads the children to MJ. Looking for unity, relief, and peace within which they DO NOT HAVE WITH MOTHER. Adam and Eve metaphor is coming into View.

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