Sydney Trains Vlog 1635: Sydney CBD & South East Light Rail – Central Timetable Simulation Testing

Sydney Trains Vlog 1635 Sydney CBD & South East Light Rail Central Chalmers St Timetable Simulation Testing #railway #railroad #trains Filmed on: …


  1. We all love Sydney, however, when I walked through George street the other day, People sitting on those stone benches keep littering cigarette butts into the guttering, which is full of cigarette butts and looks horrible. I just simply cannot understand this sort of design if the quality of the people is so low. Secondly, the colour of the new and old tiles does not match, some places in the footpath are still filled with asphalt, this is horrible as well. Can we fix up all those itchy issues before cutting over to production? We need a bare minimum standard at here.

  2. What a fabulous job you’ve done Phil documenting the development of this major infrastructure project. Have you considered what you will do with this fantastic video footage? I’m sure the Australian Railways Historical Society would love to have some for its archives at Redfern. I’d happily buy a suitably edited video from them (or you for that matter). Keep up the great work. I’ve been following you since VLOG #1. You’re a champ.

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