#TechTalkTuesday | How To Take Apart Jupiter CCELL Cartridges

One question we see frequently being asked is “how to open a #CCELL cartridge”. On this week’s episode NorCal & Alaska Account Executive, Kip, shows you …


  1. May I view your process on how the assembly of the bottom of the glass and ceramic cartridge is done? I'm interested to see how the components of the filter and coil are aligned before assembly and what fastening design is used to secure it. Thanks!

  2. Lol, yeah these suck. I've had the vape channel at the base come out, clogged @ half full, and I have a few laying around with various amounts of liquid…
    After watching that I grabbed some pliers squeezed the metal collar and pop. Now I have the faulty plastic one taped to a drinking glass inverted above a glass cartridge that is also taped to said drinking glass… Imma goto the gym and hopefully by the time I return I'll be able to vape the liquid gold previously held hostage by this inferior product. Watching it is like watching the pitch drip 😂.

  3. You'll have better luck if you don't go willy nilly torquing the glass at odd angles, and most people have a bad habbit of clamping harder than they need to with channel locks because it makes them 'feel' like they're putting more rotational force on the material when they're just crushing it.

  4. If you can’t take apart the cartridges, then what do you do when you get a faulty one?!? You just have to take a gamble I guess? That’s not right. Improve your cartridges or make them where you can re-use them.

  5. My Jupiter pen does not want to hit I connect it to the wall charger and no light comes on so I know it’s charged but when I screw on my cart it won’t hit and the light will not come on

  6. kinda stupid to make a cart that cant be re used …. its 2019 dicks make something that I wont run over with my lawn mower because the kids at the bus stop just throw them away in my yard

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